Technology is a Force Multiplier

The more access we have to technology, the easier it becomes for fewer and fewer people to have a bigger and bigger impact on more and more people. And as the impact gets bigger, we have a hard time taking in the fact that so few people could really have such devastating effects. So, for [Read More...]

Another Reason to Love Having a Magisterium

When some quack theologian/doctor tries to add the burden of guilt to your anguish by telling you “Your child is sick or your mother has Alzheimers or your wife has cancer because you or they are bad Christians or don’t have enough faith or God is punishing you” you can refer him to the Church’s [Read More...]

Karl Keating Does all the Heavy Lifting So I Don’t Have To

Evidently, CMTV has done another puff piece on “The Principle” and Karl Keating, Dave Palm and Yr. Obdt. Svt are fingered as the sinister agents of the Church of Nice out to destroy the Work of God Almighty. Karl responds: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOT MUCH For the second time, Bob Sungenis and Rick DeLano appeared [Read More...]

Elementary Logic For Hysterics

The argument “Everything Hitler did was legal”, while perfectly true, does not logically entail the proposition “Grazing fees are legal, therefore the United States is a Nazi hellhole and some cowboy crook wrapped in a flag can threaten to kill people with his militia posse if he loses in court.” If ever the reductio ad [Read More...]

Maria Divine Mercy…

…is a quack, a fraud, and a false prophet. Ignore her. [Read more...]

Maria Divine Mercy…

…is another complete and utter fraud and now it appears it’s all coming out.  The incredible thing is that anybody fell for it in the first place.  The even more incredible thing is that, for a good number of people, nothing will change as a result of her exposure. [Read more...]

Almost Everything You Need to Know About the Immense Gulf Between Dante and Dan Brown

is communicated by the juxtapostion of these portraits: The gravitas of the one.  The sheer empty-suit vacancy of the other.  Brown is a parasite feeding off a genius, making a fortune from gulls who take his pretentious hackery for erudition.  But in case the portrait doesn’t really communicate how depressing it is that this dim-witted [Read More...]

Do not follow Maria Divine Mercy

She is a false prophet.  Don’t get played. [Read more...]

Fr. Robert Barron on Garry Wills’ Ridiculous “Why Priests?”

The man is a fraud and a charlatan who only persuades people who don’t know anything about the Bible that the Bible opposes the priesthood and the Real Presence. He is part of a long tradition of anti-Catholic enemies of the Church who trade on their bona fides as former Catholics in order to gain [Read More...]

The Internet: Home of the Quack

So some news article shows that you have a lot of harmless and beneficial microbes living on and in you. Educated people already knew that (there’s been a book called Life on Man out for years). Some Internet dwellers, however, think that any headline they read there means that this is the New Thing and [Read More...]