Only one demographic rejects the Church’s teaching about the death penalty

…but it’s totally not about race or anything and if you notice that it is you are “playing the race card”. The Death Penalty: Because the Magisterium is incompetent to teach about faith and morals when American white conservative sacred cows are involved. [Read more...]

Some Sectors of the Post-Christian Thing That Used to be Conservatism…

plump for frank and open white supremacist filth.  A reader send along the latest appeals being made by these nutjobs to College Republicans: To: College Republicans List John Derbyshire has up a recent article: “White Flight from Christianity?” Which reminds me of many conservative college kids I know who have left Christianity to return to [Read More...]

I hate being right all the time

Long ago, I wrote: Every July, Americans hold the Secular Feast of St. Thomas Jefferson and take a little time out to renew their baptismal vows of citizenship in the American Experiment. As part of that rite, Americans take a small amount of time (between the sacred meals of fried chicken and spare ribs and [Read More...]

A Badge of Honor

That’s what I call the hostility of racist tools like these guys. [Read more...]

“TradCatholic” writes

I’ll tell you right now: If some African witch doctor becomes Pope, I’m leaving the Church. And that, children, is one of the many reasons Trad Catholics are so often such repellent specimens. Racism, Jew-hatred, thin-skinned, self-pitying, bullying, smug, pharisaic pride: these are traits I have encountered *far* too often in Trad circles. Are all [Read More...]