Steve King Thinks Alex Wagner is a Threat to Civilization

for the sin of being brown. King is a Catholic–and a heretic and his very public racism is as much a scandal as Catholics for a Free Choice.: We cannot truly call on God, the Father of all, if we refuse to treat in a brotherly way any man, created as he is in the image [Read More…]

Trump promotes racist conspiracy theorist…

…top of National Security Council, demotes Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the Director of National Intelligence. Steve Bannon, conspiracy theorist and promoter of Alt Right Nazi garbage has been given a privileged role in our national security by our racist sociopath president.  This fits perfectly with his scapegoating of immigrants and his eager promotion [Read More…]

Biloxi Shows Why MLK Day is Necessary

And on Friday, the entire United States will demonstrate it again by inaugurating Donald Trump. [Read more…]

Rebecca Hamilton Brings Common Sense

…to those Trump supporters who, scant days ago, were threatening the peace of the nation themselves and who are now telling those with tons of reasons to be terrified by our President-elect to shut up. Violence is not excusable, but legitimate, loud, and ongoing protest? Absolutely. This guy ran the most overtly racist political campaign [Read More…]

What the Trumpkinized “Prolife” Movement Has Achieved in This Election

Summarized in three sentences by two devout consistently prolife Christian women of color: Reader A: I am so tired of hearing white people say racism isn’t bad but abortion… Reader B: Know what? I’m sick of it, too. I obviously had more value in my mother’s womb than i ever had or will have since she birthed [Read More…]

Flagrant Kentucky GOP Racist Candidate…

denies flagrant racism. He’s a Christian pastor, just to make it more repulsive. #TrumpsAmerikkka [Read more…]

Donald Trump on Eugenics

Sometime back I wrote a piece pointing out that the American Founding depends on a piece of Christian mysticism: the conviction that “all men are created equal”. Relying purely on empirical observation, the conviction that all men are created equal is seemingly without foundation. Some are smarter, dumber, faster, slower, richer, poor, have aptitudes for [Read More…]

World’s Loudest Proponent of Birtherism Takes Credit for Ending Birtherism

Donald Trump–whose whole political career is owed to the fact that he has promoted a nutty conspiracy theory that Obama is a Kenyan to a base of racist kooks who, at this hour still believe it to tune of 2/3 of his supporters–took credit for ending the lie he has endlessly promoted and, with supreme [Read More…]

Turns out there was “no racism” before Obama

Yet another leader in the Party of Personal Responsibility says “look what you made me do” to the sinister Negro in the White House and explains that there was “no racism” in the 1960s.  All that marching and stuff was just a lot of black people spontaneously going for walks–and a lot of white people [Read More…]

How Not to Be Pro-life

The Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, self-identifies as a “prolife” Republican. Thing is, when you are actually pro-life, you do not go around announcing that you are “at war” with “people of color” or declare them, en masse, “the enemy” who need to be killed. When the state starts talking about citizens, not as citizens, [Read More…]