Some Sectors of the Post-Christian Thing That Used to be Conservatism…

plump for frank and open white supremacist filth.  A reader send along the latest appeals being made by these nutjobs to College Republicans: To: College Republicans List John Derbyshire has up a recent article: “White Flight from Christianity?” Which reminds me of many conservative college kids I know who have left Christianity to return to [Read More...]

I hate being right all the time

Long ago, I wrote: Every July, Americans hold the Secular Feast of St. Thomas Jefferson and take a little time out to renew their baptismal vows of citizenship in the American Experiment. As part of that rite, Americans take a small amount of time (between the sacred meals of fried chicken and spare ribs and [Read More...]

A Badge of Honor

That’s what I call the hostility of racist tools like these guys. [Read more...]

“TradCatholic” writes

I’ll tell you right now: If some African witch doctor becomes Pope, I’m leaving the Church. And that, children, is one of the many reasons Trad Catholics are so often such repellent specimens. Racism, Jew-hatred, thin-skinned, self-pitying, bullying, smug, pharisaic pride: these are traits I have encountered *far* too often in Trad circles. Are all [Read More...]