I’ll be on “Morning Air” with Sean Herriot today

You can stream it here. I’ll be on around 8:30 AM Eastern time. [Read more...]

Beautiful Minds…

is a fun radio show.  I recorded something with them a couple of weeks back and it will run on July 13.  Meantime, if you go to http://karenjhornsby.com and hit the Beautiful Minds tab you can listen to Joseph Pearce on JRR Tolkien. [Read more...]

Hey Baton Rouge, LA! I’m on your radio today!

I will be on Karen Hornsby’s program Beautiful Minds today, June 6, 10:30am central time – on 1380AM.  For those of you who want to listen in on the web, you can sream the show at www.catholiccommunityradio.org . Karen highlights writers past and present who bring us ‘the good the true and the beautiful’.  By some unaccountable [Read More...]

Best Topic Idea for the “Closer Look” show so far?

Has Andrew Sullivan found evidence that Benedict XVI is Trig Palin’s real mother? Stay tuned! [Read more...]

A Gaggle of Other Patheosi and I…

will be on Sheila Liaugminas’ “A Closer Look” show Relevant Radio at 6 PM Eastern this evening. If you can’t get it on the radio where you are, you can stream it here. We’ll be talking about this extremely slow news day in Catholic history. I’ll be reminiscing about catching crawdads as a boy. Tom [Read More...]

Last Saturday, I was interviewed on the Drew Marshall Show

“Canada’s Most Listened To Spiritual Talkback Program”. Canadians are like familiar with it, as it broadcasts out of Toronto and is pretty widely heard in the Great White North. Americans might not be. Australians are right out. At any rate, they have a link up to a recording of the interview. [Read more...]

I’m on the Drew Marshall Show in a few minutes

You can go here and stream it or listen if you happen to be in Canada. [Read more...]

Drew Mariani, Carl Olson and I Yakked About Guns the Other Day

on Drew’s show. You can listen to the show on the Relevant Radio site.  Seems to have gone pretty well, with an emphasis on light rather than heat.  Carl and Drew are smart guys. [Read more...]

I’ll be on Michael Barber’s “Sacred Page” Show today

The show broadcasts live at 10 AM Pacific. You can go here to get the links to the live broadcast or, if you prefer, to the podcast of the show. We’ll be discussing the Immaculate Conception. [Read more...]

I’ll be on Morning Air with Sean Herriott today

8:40 AM CDT.  You can stream it here.  We’ll be talking about The Work of Mercy. [Read more...]