Rick Warren Calls for Protestants to Unite with Catholics and the “Holy Father”

There are only two classes of people who regard this as a threat. Anti-Catholic Protestants like James White and anti-Catholic Reactionary Catholics who always construe kind words said about Francis as an indictment of Francis and not as the obvious evangelical opportunity they are. Weird to be living in a time when professional anti-Catholics are [Read More...]

Pewsitter Headline: “Robin Williams: Rest in Peace?”

I’m afraid even Pewsitter can only hope that he is in hell.  It must be such a torment to them not to be able to know for sure. Perhaps they can console themselves with the torment they inflict on grieving people with headlines like that. Reactionary Catholics:  Always there to make sure that hurting people hurt worse. [Read more...]

Tolkien, Converts, and the Center for American Progress

A reader writes: I had wanted to write you about  one matter, but in searching for your email address, I encountered another. About the individuals suffering from the craniorectal impaction regarding Tolkien and LOTR.  Their argument is- No converts, ergo, not Catholic.  I am a convert.  I entered into full communion with the Church.  Tollers [Read More...]

You know, I can actually *feel* the power to destroy the Church crackling along every nerve of my being!

A reader responds to my self-interview about By What Authority? with this penetrating analysis: Dear Mark Shea: Yes there was! A golden age of purity. Before Vatican II. I lived it. The just published translations of the original schemas of Vatican II (unam sanctam catholicam blog) shows the pure Romanita we have lost. Until 1939 [Read More...]

Reactionary Layman Successfully Defends Church from Wounded Sinner Seeking God

From Terry Nelson: [W]hile he was Bishop of La Crosse, Wisconsin, Cardinal Burke permitted a transgendered woman to begin a religious community, or pious association of the faithful.  As Bishop, Burke said he did so in consultation with the Holy See.  A concerned lay woman, went over the Bishop’s head and complained to the Vatican.  [Read More...]

Tribalism and Blowing an Evangelistic Opportunity

I have heard from any number of people expressing horror–yes, horror–at the idea that people on the cultural and political left find Francis attractive.  In the early Church, a Paul would have seized such an opportunity to preach the gospel to a receptive audience. But in our tribalized culture of identity politics, and aided and [Read More...]