Black is White, Freedom is Slavery, War is Peace

Sexual assault is locker room talk, microwaves are cameras, and sending hungry kids and old people away is compassion: Crooks and liars, the lot of them. And this is what “faithful prolife” Catholics are now, in overwhelming numbers, committed to defending and eager to be remembered for. It will take a generation for the Church’s [Read More…]

To Austin Ruse

“In good faith, Rich, I am sorrier for your perjury than my peril.” – Thomas More to Richard Rich, A Man for All Seasons Mr. Ruse unintentionally buttresses my argument that the Greatest Catholics of All Time hate evangelization and wish to drive inquirers away from the Faith. FYI, Mr. Ruse, my friend is not a lesbian, [Read More…]

Rick Warren Calls for Protestants to Unite with Catholics and the “Holy Father”

There are only two classes of people who regard this as a threat. Anti-Catholic Protestants like James White and anti-Catholic Reactionary Catholics who always construe kind words said about Francis as an indictment of Francis and not as the obvious evangelical opportunity they are. Weird to be living in a time when professional anti-Catholics are [Read More…]

Pewsitter Headline: “Robin Williams: Rest in Peace?”

I’m afraid even Pewsitter can only hope that he is in hell.  It must be such a torment to them not to be able to know for sure. Perhaps they can console themselves with the torment they inflict on grieving people with headlines like that. Reactionary Catholics:  Always there to make sure that hurting people hurt worse. [Read more…]

Tolkien, Converts, and the Center for American Progress

A reader writes: I had wanted to write you about  one matter, but in searching for your email address, I encountered another. About the individuals suffering from the craniorectal impaction regarding Tolkien and LOTR.  Their argument is- No converts, ergo, not Catholic.  I am a convert.  I entered into full communion with the Church.  Tollers [Read More…]

You know, I can actually *feel* the power to destroy the Church crackling along every nerve of my being!

A reader responds to my self-interview about By What Authority? with this penetrating analysis: Dear Mark Shea: Yes there was! A golden age of purity. Before Vatican II. I lived it. The just published translations of the original schemas of Vatican II (unam sanctam catholicam blog) shows the pure Romanita we have lost. Until 1939 [Read More…]

Reactionary Layman Successfully Defends Church from Wounded Sinner Seeking God

From Terry Nelson: [W]hile he was Bishop of La Crosse, Wisconsin, Cardinal Burke permitted a transgendered woman to begin a religious community, or pious association of the faithful.  As Bishop, Burke said he did so in consultation with the Holy See.  A concerned lay woman, went over the Bishop’s head and complained to the Vatican.  [Read More…]

Tribalism and Blowing an Evangelistic Opportunity

I have heard from any number of people expressing horror–yes, horror–at the idea that people on the cultural and political left find Francis attractive.  In the early Church, a Paul would have seized such an opportunity to preach the gospel to a receptive audience. But in our tribalized culture of identity politics, and aided and [Read More…]