As if to illustrate my point…

about the deranged, anti-Catholic thing that so much of the “faithful conservative” Catholic subculture has become, First Things publishes this festival of crazy contempt for Francis in which we are instructed that “Francis is … an ideologue and a meddlesome egoist.” We see the teaching office of St. Peter described as a “sandwich board”. We [Read More...]

You stay classy, Pewsitter

Latest headline for the news aggregator for Taliban Catholics: “Sainthood cause of ‘martyred’ Oscar Romero technically reached the final stage” Yeah, he wasn’t *really* martyred.  Cuz he was in a Central American country defending the poor from a regime in bed with Murka, so that makes him a damn librul (as members of Opus Dei so [Read More...]

Karl Keating on the Latest Insanity Emerging from the Greatest Catholics of All Time

He writes: “THAT WAY MADNESS LIES” — King Lear In the current issue of “The Remnant” there is another article that never should have seen print. It is an article that will lead many readers into confusion and may lead some right out of the Church. And it’s an article that suggests that “The Remnant” [Read More...]

What the Dark Enlightenment Stands For

Nicely illustrated as the Reactionaries and post-Christian racialists let down their hair and talk freely among themselves “Go to any Catholic Church and they are always collecting for some jungle bunny in bongo bongo land. It’s become an anti-white religion. “Catholic” schools are full of darkies. The Church has completely abandoned the core that made [Read More...]

Satanic Ecumenism

In one of the stranger ironies of history Radical Muslims and ignorant Reactionary Catholics now totally agree–against the Catholic Church–that Allah is not the God Christians worship. So Arabic-speaking Malaysian Catholics are about to face persecution from Muslims for calling God “Allah” as they have done for centuries. Meanwhile, my mailbox is full of ignorant [Read More...]


Q: What do you call a Catholic who vigorously protests the mind of Church? “We vigorously protest these canonizations” – District of the USA A: A Protestant [Read more...]

Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger…

…on why bishop-bashing is wrong. I agree with him in part: the orgy of bishop-bashing by Reactionaries who all seem to imagine they are Catherine of Siena Redivivus has become ridiculous. On the other hand, I think that, as our bishops have demonstrated on multiple occasions, when a bishop is engaged in criminal behavior it [Read More...]

Scott Eric Alt Says it…

…way better than me. [Read more...]

Mystery Solved

If Rorate Caeli had just bothered to look outside its epistemic closure bubble for ten seconds, it would not have been difficult to understand why Bp. Olsen told the embittered malcontent running Fisher-More why he couldn’t celebrate the EF. Here’s what Universae Ecclesiae, an instruction from the Church on this matter actually says: 19. The [Read More...]

Pope Francis has Lunch with Some Argentinian Jewish Leaders

On cue, reactionary hysterics wet themselves.Cuz Jesus never ate with Jews or anything. Reactionaries need a blankie and a bottle of warm milk. The only people in the Church who regard pope Francis as a problem are the people who have been so wrong about so much so many times that you’d think they would [Read More...]