Not Super-Complicated

There’s constructive Traditionalism that respects the Magisterium and there’s self-absorbed neopelagian promethean Reactionary ideology that speaks with contempt to the Magisterium. If you care about Traditionalism actually winning hearts and minds, be like the first guy. [Read more...]

Scratch a Reactionary, Find a Jew-Hater

Fresh from the spectacle of screaming their way through a Kristallnacht commemoration in Buenos Aires, the Reactionaries again hold a teapot tempestfest by freaking out over this passage from Evangelii Gaudium: “We hold the Jewish people in special regard because their covenant with God has never been revoked”. Evangelii Gaudium n. 247 With that, a [Read More...]

Reactionaries Definitely Past Sell By Date

Pope Blasts Reactionary Jerks for Jesus who Busted up Kristallnacht Commemoration in Buenos Aires The pope knows perfectly well that when you scratch a Reactionary, you find a Jew-hating nutjob like the fanatics shouting “Hail Mary” in the same tone (and with the same intent) as their fathers and mothers shouted “Sieg Heil!’ after an [Read More...]

Reader John Herreid writes:

I figured out why I’m not getting this idea that Church teaching says families on welfare lack dignity and moral character. I had the wrong edition of the documents! For example, the standard edition of the Charter of the Rights of the Family states: “The family has a right to assistance by society in the [Read More...]

The Thing that Used to Be Conservatism Puts out a Hit on Francis

…in which we look at some of the emerging strategies that are being deployed as Rush Limbaugh and FOX declare war Francis and Catholic Social Teaching. Some people think FOX and the secular Right “value people of faith”. They do, exactly as the butcher values the lamb. Now that Shepherd Francis has begun alerting the [Read More...]

Pope recommends “Lord of the World”…

…as he warns of “adolescent progressivism” and says that secular laws protect people who make “human sacrifices“. This from the pope whom the Reactionaries were telling us would be a liberal “horror”. Moral: Discernment-free Adolescent Reactionaries are not good judges of such matters.  What is striking about Reactionaries is that they are the only [Read More...]

These are the People Who Prompted Rorate Coeli to Instantly Shriek that Francis was a “Horror”

A reader writes: Greetings from Argentina. I am sending you a link to a story in the local media about the wonderful world of Buenos Aires schismatics. The gist of the story is a group of SSPX (in the story, “lefebvrista”) members tried to interrupt an ecumenical prayer service commemorating the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht [Read More...]

On the other hand, when John Zmirak is on, he’s spot on

He writes: “From what I have read, in Argentina, a swath of the folks who fought for the Latin Mass also supported the right-wing dictators down there—which means they winked at torture and murder, but their consciences proved too tender to countenance altar girls” — What Is Pope Francis Saying to the Right? More: I have [Read More...]

What Reactionary Does and Doesn’t Mean

It doesn’t mean “Traditionalist”.  “Traditionalist” means Traditionalist, as in “somebody who loves the the forms of piety associated with the Latin rite, particularly as they were lived before the Second Vatican Council”.  One can be a Traditionalist without being a Reactionary and lots of people are: very lovely and wonderful people with a real joie [Read More...]

Reactionaries aren’t Jew-Hating Weirdos or Anything

A reader responds to my link on the Jewish mom who got 3228 Jews out of Syria as any normal person would: Just curious to know. Are you a cryto jew ? Just asking after reading through your blog, and your bias against Church History and using terminology that contradicts etc… Yes.  Yes I am. [Read More...]