On the other hand, when John Zmirak is on, he’s spot on

He writes: “From what I have read, in Argentina, a swath of the folks who fought for the Latin Mass also supported the right-wing dictators down there—which means they winked at torture and murder, but their consciences proved too tender to countenance altar girls” — What Is Pope Francis Saying to the Right? More: I have [Read More…]

What Reactionary Does and Doesn’t Mean

It doesn’t mean “Traditionalist”.  “Traditionalist” means Traditionalist, as in “somebody who loves the the forms of piety associated with the Latin rite, particularly as they were lived before the Second Vatican Council”.  One can be a Traditionalist without being a Reactionary and lots of people are: very lovely and wonderful people with a real joie [Read More…]

Reactionaries aren’t Jew-Hating Weirdos or Anything

A reader responds to my link on the Jewish mom who got 3228 Jews out of Syria as any normal person would: Just curious to know. Are you a cryto jew ? Just asking after reading through your blog, and your bias against Church History and using terminology that contradicts etc… Yes.  Yes I am. [Read More…]

Bed-wetting Reactionary Wusses…

panic over Pope Francis yet again. JoAnna Wahlund grabs them by the shoulders as they scream incoherently like a little girl with a spider on her blouse, and talks them down. Turns out Pope Francis is pretty much saying, you know, what the Church has always said about the possible salvation of non-believers. It also [Read More…]

Andrew Motyka Has Impeccable Traditionalist Credentials…

…and likewise warns that the worst enemies of Traditionalism on the planet are Reactionaries.  A fine piece from a sensible and sane Traditionalist. [Read more…]

John Herreid Sends Some Followup Info on Fr. Ford

He adds to yesterday’s information: You can read Fr. Ford’s article from 1944 on obliteration bombing online: If anyone were to declare that modern war is necessarily total, and necessarily involves direct attack on the life of innocent civilians, and, therefore, that obliteration bombing is justified, my reply would be: So much the worse for [Read More…]

Look at the Bright Side…

On March 1, the sedevacantists get to be right for a few days. (Yes, we Irish crack jokes when we are sad.) [Read more…]

Priests Break away to Found an “SSPX of the Strict Observance”

There’s a name for these sorts of Catholics: Protestant. [Read more…]

When the Apologetics Subculture Goes Bad

Time was when lay apologists understood that there is no office of “apologist” in the Church and that our efforts to defend the Faith were supposed to be done with respect to the Magisterium. These days, however, it is just as easy to find anti-Catholics among “apologists” as it is to find them sitting at [Read More…]

Creative Fidelity Labors to Defend One of the Dirtiest Words in the American Catholic Vocabulary

Docility. The National Catholic Reporter *and* the sort of people who imagine Michael Voris is the Dark Knight of Vigilante Justice Against the Evil Episcopacy both hold docility in complete contempt. How good and pleasant when brothers dwell together in unity. Whether you dissent from the Church on pelvic issues or are laboring to mainstream [Read More…]