Mercy for heterosexuals? Everybody is fine!

Mercy for homosexuals?  Everbody loses their minds! NPR is calling it a “seismic change”.  Hysterical Reactionaries like Christopher Ferrara in my email box are calling it a “catastrophe” while declaring that the Pope worships an “invented deity”.  (Remind me again: the difference between Reactionary Catholics and Fundamentalist Protestants is what now?)  And the Catholics in the middle [Read More…]

This is all Augustine’s fault!

A Colorado judge seems to think Augustine would think traditional marriage is unjust. Obviously this is the fault of Augustine, who failed to express himself clearly. Also, the Council of Nicaea. Ever since the Council, things have all been terrible and there’s no hope. Why can’t we get back to the way it was with [Read More…]

The Liberal Running our Church Has No Media Savvy

I miss his predecessor John the Baptist. He has *got* to stop these casual interviews with the press. With dangerously confusing messages like “Why do you call me good? There is none good but God.” and “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” and “The Father is greater than I” and Jesus calling the [Read More…]

Me and the FFI

Various people are writing me to denounce my passionate partisanship concerning the FFI cuz I posted a link to Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger’s discussion of the fracas and committed the mortal sin of calling him “sane”. Dear People Inside the Reactionary Bubble:   It’s not all about you. Please understand something. I. Don’t. Care. About. the. FFI. Trads.  [Read More…]

Very Perceptive

“Desiring to be persecuted means wishing that one of your siblings was your enemy, just so you could get a chance to be badass.” – Leah Libresco And, by no coincidence at all, Reactionaries perpetually moan/boast about being persecuted everytime somebody objects to them denouncing 99% of the Church, including the Pope, as their enemies. [Read more…]

Over the Transom and into the Garbage

go all emails that start like this: How To Respond If Pope Francis Is the False Prophet The quack hawking this should consider looking in the mirror if he is leading the torch-bearing mob on yet another nutty Reactionary Inquisition against the pope. I never thought I’d see that day when Real Catholics[TM] would see [Read More…]

Pope Francis appoints Kathleen Sebelius next Archbishop of Chicago

No.  Really.  It’s on the web and everything, so it’s obviously true. In other news, authorities report a series of “thick, meaty-sounding ‘thuds’ from the basements of the houses of various Rorate Caeli contributors’ mothers.  Witnesses report voices crying out “DEEP! SPIRITUAL! PAIN!” seconds before the muffled explosions.  “It sounded like an M80 going off [Read More…]

Fundamentalist Protestants and Reactionary Catholics: Brothers Under the Skin

Scott Eric Alt notes: I have noted something quite interesting in the last few days. Among the most extreme of Traditionalists—I mean those who are speculating that Francis may be an anti-pope—there has been a tendency to defend this position by saying, “Well, of course, we’ve had heretics in the papacy before who have taught [Read More…]

The Overblown Legend of the Clown Mass

After hearing one too many appeals to the Legend of the Clown Mass from one too many Reactionaries fondling that bogeyman as an excuse for poisoning the Body of Christ with malice toward good and innocent bishops like Bp. Olson of Ft. Worth, a friend writes: For 16 years, I have ceaselessly traveled the world [Read More…]