An Extremely Fun-Looking Homeschool Family

Reader Susan Langenkamp writes: I enjoy your blog and appreciate your support for Catholic families. Our third son is creating a comic book series loosely based on our family. The entire family is involved in the production with Stephen as lead artist, the younger children doing backgrounds and coloring, and all of us contributing story ideas. [Read More...]

Reason to Homeschool #98237987

A reader writes: I apologize if I’m emailing you about something you’re already aware of, but I thought you might be interested to know and make others aware of an ongoing controversy in Oregon, where the Department of Education has for several years been contributing funding to and promoting attendance of an “Adoloscent Sexuality Conference.” [Read More...]

The Story of the Entropy Academy is Now Available!

The Entropy Academy was the homeschool founded and led by the most excellent Alison Bernhoft.  Among her many sterling students was Shea scion Number 2, Matthew (aka “Cow”, don’t ask).  Alison account of those years is written in her characteristic delightful prose (her Christmas letters have been prized at Chez Shea for years).: Finally, and [Read More...]

Hey Homeschoolers!

Maureen Wittman writes: To help promote Catholic College Month, Behold Publications donated a copy of Phil Lenahan’s Generation Next: A Catholic Guide to Financial Freedom for Young Adults to giveaway.Catholic College Month is hosted by Homeschool Connections and provides FREE webinars for parents and students. The first webinar is tonight on the topic of how [Read More...]

Reason to Homeschool #9834539387

Your child will not be given a lap dance by the teacher. Sadly, this is what comes of our backward system of all-male, celibate teachers. [Read more...]

Reason #9834749872 to Homeschool

[Read more...]

Just Another Reason to Pray for Religious Liberty in our Country

The Obama administration singled out for deportation a home-schooling German family that recently fled their country because of Nazi-era laws that required all German children to attend only government sanctioned schools. The Obama administration argued to the Supreme Court that the German government’s desire to “promote socialization, pluralism, tolerance and democracy” outweighs the human right [Read More...]

Reason to Homeschool #98347934957349

Your kid won’t get a poster offering him a wide variety of sex acts for him to study (and presumably attempt in his spare time). [Read more...]

My friend James Preece…

…author of the Catholic and Loving it blog (which you really should read), writes from Hull, in Yorkshire, England to ask: We just took the plunge, well, almost.. our eldest Leona is going to leave school at the end of December and be home educated from January. Just wondering if you have any hints and [Read More...]

Speaking of Adolescent Progressivism…

Hawaii seems to be leading the way with sex-obsessed educators doing their best to raise a pornified next generation of middle schoolers. Have I mentioned that we homeschool? [Read more...]