Reason #39038753445 to Homeschool

You don’t have to pay $11,000/year for a Jesuit high school education that aims to teach your kid the glories of self-abuse.  A reader writes: I was hoping you could bring attention to a national scandal that is certainly endangering many young souls.  Shortly, Catholic high school students all across our nation will begin their [Read More...]

Attention Homeschooling Parents: Report to Big Brother in Room 101

He has some questions for you. Very funny piece that manages to forge this trio of sentences in the midst of some other fun verbal fizz: It’s a sham! It’s a sham with yams! It’s a yam sham! Any writer would take pride in that. [Read more...]

Whoever Dreamed This Up Should be Instantly Fired

From deep within the Empire of Fear that America has evolved into comes this piece of administrative genius in the secular school system: Teachers were shocked and caught off guard when an Oregon school held a school shooting drill. The Oregonian reports Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway held the drill last Friday as children [Read More...]

Reasons to Homeschool #98437932983

Your Middle Schooler will never be forced by the teacher, without your knowledge or permission, to ask somebody of the same sex to kiss them to demonstrate fealty to the Regime of Gay Awesomeness. This is not about tolerance. This is about Force, Threats and Punishment. [Read more...]

Reason to Homeschool #93779894723423

Your fourth grader will not be conditioned to be a good drone of the fascist police state. [Read more...]

A reader asks for homeschool resources

He writes: I was wondering if you might be able to help us out – again. We’ve decided to take the plunge and homeschool our kids. All of them. The boys were as excited as anyone. Still, we were wondering if you or any of your readers who homeschool might be able to point us [Read More...]

Reason to Homeschool #34905874353095800503454353

Your kid will not be asked to write a suicide note by some brain-dead teacher. [Read more...]

The Catholic History Video Project

Company Name: Homeschool Connections Contact: Maureen Wittmann, Co-Founder and Co-Director Telephone: 817-889-6177 Alternate Contact Person: Walter Crawford, Founder and Director Telephone:  682-201-4448 Email: Website: The Catholic History Video Project is the brainchild of Phillip Campbell. Phillip loves history and he loves all things Catholic. These two things, along with Phillip’s quirky sense of [Read More...]

Reason #3409834039583 to Homeschool

Murder Inc. will not set up a clinic in your living room to cull the Latino herd. [Read more...]

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…

…educating the herd toward surveillance state docility toward our Ruling Class. Have I mentioned that if you homeschool there will be no quack galvanic response bracelets costing a fortune and yielding dubious results? [Read more...]