John Paul II, Heaven, and Hell…

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Over at the Register

a reader puzzles about our relationship with the Eastern Churches.  I do what I can to help confuse him. [Read more...]

More Poisonous Fruit from the Cult of Voris

So the most excellent Simcha Fisher, being a healthy human being, notes her distaste with Michael Voris offering a Caribbean Lenten Luxury Cruise for a thousand bucks a head (all while trying to portray the whole thing as some valiant act of spiritual warfare with Enemies of His Pure Faith while, as is his custom, [Read More...]

Simcha Fisher…

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Over at the Register…

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One Final Follow up…

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The Immaculate Conception

“Why Her and Not Us?” is under discussion over at the Register today. [Read more...]

The Immaculate Conception…

…and the Common Thread Tying Together the Philosophies of Pride is what is under discussion over at the Register this fine morning. [Read more...]

As we discuss the Immaculate Conception…

We look at the 19th Century Philosphies of Pride and the rebellion against God as Father. As we shall see next time, that leaves you, not with No God, but with God as Master. And that will play out disastrously in the 20th century. [Read more...]

Drone War vs. Just War Teaching

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We continue looking at…

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The Immaculate Conception

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