Two High Profile Suicides

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What I Saw at Defending the Faith

Pictures! Anecdotes! Conversion stories! Book Lust! Bunny Ears! All over at the Register! Hubba hubba! [Read more...]

Will There Be Pains of Sense in Hell?

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Another Atheist Responds…

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Interesting Conversation with an Atheist about the Moral Law and You Know Who

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A reader asks about prudential judgments…

…over at the Register. It turns out “prudential judgment” is not Latin for “ignore the Church if her guidance inconveniences you in any slight way.” Leftist Catholics appeal to “primacy of conscience” when they want to ignore the Church. Rightist Catholics appeal to “prudential judgment” when they want to ignore the Church. But, in fact, [Read More...]

Noodling the Eighth Commandment…

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A Reader Asks About Spanking

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The latest on the Sanctifying Gift of Knowledge…

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Among Members of a Fallen Species…

“I’m just as good as you” is not a bragging point.  Over at the Register, I offer a few reflections on the American Experiment in light of the fact that democracy is that form of government that shouts “Give us Barabbas!” [Read more...]