Among Members of a Fallen Species…

“I’m just as good as you” is not a bragging point.  Over at the Register, I offer a few reflections on the American Experiment in light of the fact that democracy is that form of government that shouts “Give us Barabbas!” [Read more...]

The Atheism of the Gaps and its Sacramentals

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“God Bless You…

…and the Horse You Rode In On!” prayers are under discussion over at the Register. [Read more...]

A reader asks about the charismatic renewal…

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A reader hesitates about becoming Catholic

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A Question About Communion in the Hand

Over at the Register, a reader struggles with judgmental Catholics who need to memorize Romans 14. [Read more...]

A question about homosexual temptation

…over at the Register. The fun thing, when I write about homosexuality is that half my audience seems to think I am a “homophobe” while the other half seems to think homosexuality is no big deal. I can’t seem to get people to grasp that I basically think about the matter what the Catechism teaches, [Read More...]

When a Believer in the Myth of Scientism…

…tells you “Science Destroys Creation Myths” consider  the possibility that the reply to this is, “Rubbish!” [Read more...]

Mormonism and Apostolic Succession

…is under discussion over at the Register. For Catholics, the quick answer to Mormon claim is, “When, exactly, was the Great Apostasy?” Answer: Never. No Great Apostasy, no need for Christ to refound the Church. And that’s it for Mormonism. [Read more...]

A Reader Has a Question about Evangelization…

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