Clear Thinking about the Protoevangelium of James

Over at the Register, a reader writes concerning the Perpetual Virginity of Mary: The source of the perpetual virginity of Mary is the “Protoevangelium of James,” generally conidered to have been written in the middle of the second century. It also is the source of the names of Mary’s parents, Joachim and Anna, and the [Read More...]

Today, I’m at the dentist!

Here is a piece on a much happier and less expensive subject: Mary and how she guard the truth of our relationship to God. If you like it or the rest of my work, please consider dropping a few shekels in the Tin Cup Rattle by a) clicking the donate button under my ugly mug [Read More...]

A reader over at the Register…

struggles with scruples. [Read more...]

My series on friendship at the Register

Part  1, Part  2, Part  3 and Part  4 have already run.  Part 5 is here. More to come! [Read more...]

Why Bother…

with Such a Corrupt Church? [Read more...]

I simply can’t relate…

…to Simcha Fisher’s point.  As I said in her combox, “Speaking as somebody who has never ever ever done the things you describe,  Simcha, I will be going to confession soon to confess lying in this comment. :)” [Read more...]

Blood donation is good

A reader wonders about it over at the Register. [Read more...]

A brief primer on conscience

In which, as is my custom, I urge Catholics to evaluate the shifting winds of party doctrine in light of Church teaching instead of trimming Church teaching to fit party needs.  Today’s subject, what to think about conscience when your party tries to tell you either “Don’t Form Your Conscience”, “Don’t Listen to Your Conscience” [Read More...]

Healing and the Risen Christ

God heals, but he does not generally do magic tricks for martinets. [Read more...]

Jeepers I Love Simcha Fisher!

Here she is, holding forth on the latest moral panic from the Self-Anointed Combox Episcopacy. [Read more...]

Against the Replacement of the Worship of God…

with the worship of America, politicans, and/or political involvement. My latest blog at the Register. [Read more...]

Big Laws and Small Laws

In which we discuss our God King’s jealousy of the real God and the war he has declared on Christ’s Church. [Read more...]