A question about abortion

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Random and Illiterate Heckling from Time Travelling Combox Warriors…

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Sherry Weddell on…

…disciple-friends. Disciple-friends have been absolutely crucial to my formation as a Catholic. I would say that friendships have been nearly as important to me as the sacrament of marriage. It was, after all, a group of friends Jesus sent out to evangelize the world. For more on friendship, see  Part  1, Part  2, Part  3, [Read More...]

John Paul II, Heaven, and Hell…

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Over at the Register

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More Poisonous Fruit from the Cult of Voris

So the most excellent Simcha Fisher, being a healthy human being, notes her distaste with Michael Voris offering a Caribbean Lenten Luxury Cruise for a thousand bucks a head (all while trying to portray the whole thing as some valiant act of spiritual warfare with Enemies of His Pure Faith while, as is his custom, [Read More...]

Simcha Fisher…

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One Final Follow up…

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The Immaculate Conception

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