Evangelical Reactions to Marian Apparitions…

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Private Revelation…

Disagreements Among Christians about Modern Miracles is under discussion over at the Register. [Read more…]

One Poor Approach to Private Revelation:

Dogmatic atheistic faith is under discussion over at the Register. [Read more…]

Jimmy Akin on Medjugorje

He offers his typically level headed analysis over at the Register. Also, Disqus has been twitchy today.  If you’ve had trouble commenting, it’s not you.  It’s our twitchy software.  Keep trying!   [Read more…]

Private Revelation:

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Supernature and Nature

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Truth Cannot Contradict Truth

In which we continue the post-game wrapup of the Natural Revelation argument back in November (and ready ourselves for a new series about to start! [Read more…]

Ruminating on the Natural Revelation Series I Wrote for the Register…

…back in November.  For me the weirdest takeaway was not that atheists tried to argue there is no God.  What would anybody expect an atheist to do?  No.  The weirdest part was having Fundamentalist Protestants who think they are Catholics tell me that St. Thomas Aquinas’ arguments for the existence of God were a menace [Read More…]

The Fear of the Lord…

…is the paradoxical confirmation of the virtue of hope.  How can that be? Pop over to the Register for the discussion.  This series will finally be wrapping up with the final piece next time.  Then it’s on to a discussion of the other kind of spiritual gifts: charisms. [Read more…]

A reader is interested in doing evangelization and apologetics

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