Two Stories that Are Totally Not Related or Anything

…are under discussion over at the Register. [Read more...]

The Latest in the Confirmation Series at the Register

is here.  If you haven’t caught the rest of the series, you can follow the links for Part  1: the Introduction; Wisdom: Part  2, Part  3; Understanding: Part  4, Part  5, Part  6; Counsel: Part  7, Part  8; and Fortitude: Part  9 and Part  10, Part  11 and Knowledge: Part  12. [Read more...]

“Forfeiting the Right to Life”

…is under discussion here.  Among End to Evil types eager to export democracywhiskeysexy to the world at gunpoint, as well as among Death Penalty Maximalists, there is a cherished notion that people they want to kill have “forfeited the right to life”.  The Church’s attitude toward killing is extremely minimalist.  It is legit, when  protecting [Read More...]

The Shroud of Turin is the Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ

It’s not an article of faith, but it is the most obvious and sensible synthesis of all the evidence we actually have.  To hold that opinion is not an article of faith, but a rational opinion based on evidence–like thinking Oswald shot Kennedy.  I don’ t think that evidence will be overturned.  But if it turns [Read More...]

The Gift of Fortitude…

…is under discusssion over at the Register. Follow the links for Part  1, Part  2, Part  3, Part  4, Part  5, Part  6, Part  7, Part  8, Part  9 and Part  10. [Read more...]

The Reader Who Wondered…

…if nuking Japan was divine judgment writes back. [Read more...]

A Reader Asks About Arguing with Atheism

…over at the Register.  An atheist respondent replies that there are no arguments for atheism, notes that he has never heard of Thomas’ two arguments for atheism, and then appeals to babies being atheists as support for his position.  Not one of the finer moments from the Cult of Intellect Worship. Update: Whew. Commenter Michael over [Read More...]

We continue discussing the gift of Fortitude…

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Fundamentalist Etymologies

In which we deal with the old “‘Easter’ is really the worship of a pagan deity” chestnut trotted out by ignorant English-speakers this time every year. [Read more...]