Intellectual Fisticuffs

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King David Among the Super-Righteous

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Welcome to Corkscrew’s Religion Chat Room

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HellCo’s Corporate Propaganda

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There are two kinds of questions

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It Didn’t Go Out with Vatican II

In which we discuss the bizarre unity of Reactionaries and Progressives when it comes to the peculiar belief that the Church split into two Churches–pre- and post-Vatican II, some 50 years ago. For the rest of us, it’s still just the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church–even when Francis is pope. [Read more...]

Of Hard Heads and Soft Hearts

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Mary, Evolution, and Michaelangelo’s Chisel

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The Meaning of “Merit”

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In the Breaking of the Bread

We are not ghosts in machines. We are ensouled bodies and embodied souls. More at the Register. [Read more...]