The Fear of the Lord: The Beginning of Wisdom

…continues our series on the Gift of the Holy Spirit over at the Register.  If you’ve missed previous installments, there are links to the whole series at the bottom of the piece. [Read more...]

Natural Revelationpalooza!

Over at the Register, we continue looking at Natural Revelation by looking at evolution as form of evidence for Thomas’ argument from design, thus causing atheist fundamentalists in the comboxes to have asplodeyt heads and to argue for their position by explaining “Shut up!” Meanwhile, over at Strange Notions, I argue with a more reasonable [Read More...]

Intelligent Design vs. the Argument from Design

…is under discussion over at the Register as the series on Natural Revelation continues. [Read more...]

The Physical World and the Argument from Design…

…are under discussion as we continue our look at Natural Revelation over at the Register. [Read more...]

Common Objections to the First Cause Argument

…are under discussion over at the Register. [Read more...]

The Physical World and the First Cause Argument

…are under discussion over at the Register as we continue our month of looking at natural revelation. [Read more...]

The Myst-ery of Revelation

I’m taking the month of November to look at what the Church calls “natural revelation”: that is, what we can deduce about God with natural reason merely by looking around at stuff. I anticipate a lot of asplodey-headness from the Usual Suspects in the evangelical atheist community. Should be fun! Might even get a few [Read More...]

My Conversation with a Fearful Catholic

is what’s happening over at the Register today.  Somebody wrote me because of somebody with a web cam claiming that Heaven told her JPII is in hell and wanted to know what I thought.  That got the ball rolling. [Read more...]

A Reader Has a Question About Hell

…over at the Register. [Read more...]

A Reader asks about Catholic Failure to Catechize

…over at the Register and gets a lesson in the problem of going to the elves for counsel (for they will say both Yes and No.) [Read more...]

Fr. Robert Barron on Protestantism…

…and Authority. [Read more...]

Why People Were Right and Wrong…

…to be outraged by the priest scandal. [Read more...]