Strangely, Neither Appear to Be Begging to Have Never Been Born

I am at a loss to account for this photo since my Generation Narcissus sources inform me that lives such as theirs cry out for the mercy of oblivion rather than be a burden on members of Generation Narcissus. Research is proceeding and an explanation for this mystery is expected hourly. [Read more...]

Tony Esolen is one of our finest writers

I think one of the reasons for that is that he has faced life with sacrificial love for his autistic son and has learned deeply the grace of God through him.  You can tell, reading Esolen, that this is a man who thinks and loves deeply.  A good man and a good writer. [Read more...]

A beautiful article…

…on the gift that disabled people are to the world. [Read more...]

George Will never got the memo…

that his son Jon was a Life Unworthy of Life. Unlike the Freakish Enemies of the Normal who hate Trig Palin with visceral hatred for his unforgivable crime of being alive. [Read more...]