Franciscans Imitate St. Maximilan Kolbe

Tell the Dear Leader “Instead of putting Muslims on a Registry, put our names on it instead.” Sign me up too. [Read more…]

Abp Vigneron writes letter of support to imams of Michigan

…expressing support for refugees and opposition to religious bigotry.  Good for him. [Read more…]

Team Trump ‘discussing plans for Muslim registration system’

…according to the Independent. “Relax! It’s not an attempt to persecute people on the basis of religion! It’s just *immigrants* from Muslim countries who are the targets of this–because they are, um, Muslims. It certainly won’t affect Muslim citizens.” Right, because naturalized immigrants aren’t citizens or anything. Nosiree, nothing to see here: If they attempt [Read More…]

“So you’re saying Hillary poses no danger to religious liberty?”

Right on time the charge comes that I am pretending Hillary poses no threat to religious liberty because I point out that the claim that she pledged to persecute Christians over abortion in the US is bunk. Nope. I don’t say that. Hillary will take the same line as Obama: she will attempt to restrict [Read More…]

The Struggle for Religious Liberty took its latest punishing blow

…as the Party of God–fresh from freaking out all week long about our desperately imperiled religious liberty–hysterically booed off the stage a man who urged people to obey their conscience. All on behalf of a guy who wants to punish and persecute people solely on the basis of their religion. But it’s just Muslims so [Read More…]

Robert P. George is on the side of the angels

The Party of Religious Liberty is to Religious liberty what the Party of Family Values is to the Cleveland Strip Club Scene:  It longs to see people stripped. [Read more…]

California does evil

Forces churches to cover abortion. An unjust law is no law at all. Time to give California the middle finger salute and refuse to comply. [Read more…]

The Center for American Progress trades on Anti-Catholic bigotry

Over at the National Catholic Reporter, Michael Sean Winters does due diligence to report on a lefty think tank that is doing its best to crush freedom of conscience and religion for Catholics. It’s happening over on Vashon Island, just across the Sound from my house. [Read more…]

What Every “prolife” Trumpkin now stands for

This is what you will spend all your time defending, not the unborn. That’s the paradox rejecting Whole Life Catholic thinking. You imagine you will get a prolife candidate who will work for you. Instead, you enslave yourself to a pro-death candidate and wind up working for him–spending all the time and energy you might [Read More…]

Reader Rachel Kolar…

…publishes a short story chewing over religious liberty.  Check it out! [Read more…]