Speaking of Welcomes for Pope Francis

A reader sends along this video he made: [Read more…]

If Signs of Post-Conclave Stress Disorder Persist

read Sherry Weddell for safe, quick relief. [Read more…]

Here it comes! The White Smoke is Up!

EWTN is streaming it live. Thanks be to God and God give him grace to do the job through our Lord Jesus Christ. [Read more…]

My Awesome Predictions for the Conclave

I know exactly who is going to be elected and when. Pay no attention to the pundits, bet-taking, crystal ball gazers and the rest. I, even I, know *exactly* who and when. Exactly. Gather round children as I summon my mystic powers to foretell that which must and shall be!!! The next Pope will be [Read More…]

Keep These People in Mind…

The next time the NY Times does a poll on the disconnect between the Church and “the people” or the WaPo informs you on What Youth Want the Church to Do. Cringeworthy. [Read more…]

Lizzie Scalia writes a really beautiful piece…

…on lessons Americans can learn from Benedict’s retirement.  Nicely done, Lizzie! [Read more…]

If You Want to Get a Sense of How a Pope from a Developing Nation Will *Really* Received by Western Media

…look no further than the incredulity, horror, and mockery that greets a Salon reprint of a piece by Mahatma Gandhi opposing artificial contraception. The notion that the West is, in any serious way, “multicultural” is a complete, smug, self-congratulating fiction. We are a culture that is not only profoundly intolerant of ideas outside a narrow [Read More…]

Phil Lawler writes

Some people think the key challenge for the next Pope will be ensuring doctrinal orthodoxy; others think it will be responding to the sex-abuse scandal; still others, gaining control of the Roman Curia. I think these are all aspects of the same fundamental question: Should Church leaders be held accountable? For 35 years we’ve had [Read More…]

A Gaggle of Other Patheosi and I…

will be on Sheila Liaugminas’ “A Closer Look” show Relevant Radio at 6 PM Eastern this evening. If you can’t get it on the radio where you are, you can stream it here. We’ll be talking about this extremely slow news day in Catholic history. I’ll be reminiscing about catching crawdads as a boy. Tom [Read More…]

The Other Fr. Z…

…offers some considerations on papal abdication. [Read more…]