Some sensible advice for people who are inclined to read too much into Benedict’s departure

…from a blog entry regarding the silliness surrounding St. Malachy Prophecy superstitions: So let’s do ourselves an enormous spiritual favor this  Lenten season: let’s throw the prophesy books into the fireplace (if they help to warm the house, then they are  at least good for something!) and take the time that we would otherwise be [Read More…]

The Archdiocese of Washington DC…

has created for the parishes, schools and families of the Archdiocese of Washington resources on the papacy and upcoming conclave. [Read more…]

John Allen on Benedict XVI on Conclaves

Just in case you were wondering whether conclaves were exercises in infallibility, Benedict brings the refreshing sound of common sense: Perhaps the classic expression of this idea belongs to none other than the outgoing pope, Benedict XVI, who as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was asked on Bavarian television in 1997 if the Holy Spirit is responsible [Read More…]

The Case for an African Pontiff

…according to Fr. Dwight Longenecker. I sort of regard speculation about papal elections the way I do talking about the weather. My views will have no impact whatsoever on the outcome and it’s basically all up to the Holy Spirit. I can give God input via my prayers, I s’pose. But mostly those are of [Read More…]

So How Do They Pick a Pope Anyway?

An explanation in nifty graphic form. [Read more…]

The Eminently Sensible Daniel McCarthy

…argues for the eminent sensibility of Benedict’s decision to resign. It’s impossible to predict the future, of course, but I think it’s quite on the cards other Pope’s in my lifetime will do the same rather than live past the age where they can fulfill their ministry. We’ll see, I guess. [Read more…]

The Troll Explains the Hidden History of our Time

If you want to know the *real* reason Papa Benedict resigned, look no further. Don’t forget to vote for Troll as Sexiest Catholic Blogger Alive. [Read more…]

Benedict and Gregory the Great

Michael Barber notes the rather clear and obvious influence Gregory has had on Benedict’s thinking in approach the question of his decision to leave the papacy. What a beautiful, clear-headed, humble, good man.  What a gift. [Read more…]

Various responses to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

including from Yr Obedient Svt. Very simply: I love the man and think him a great Pope, a great man, and a great saint. I hav nothing but gratitude to him and to God for giving him to us. I bless him on his way and I pray God give us a Holy Father far [Read More…]

In a dramatic moment for the Church, one man stepped up to keep the focus where it belongs:

On himself:  Mahony says he looks forward to voting on Pope Benedict’s successor The chutzpah of the Master Narcissist reminds us of the truth discovered by Balaam:  that the Holy Spirit still speaks through the mouth of jackasses.  He will, alas, be part of the next conclave, unless of course, somebody puts him in jail or [Read More…]