My friend Steve Ray writes a beautiful farewell…

to his dear friend Deacon Alex Jones. [Read more…]

Deacon Alex Jones, RIP

Eternal memory to a great and brave man. [Read more…]

Steven McDonald, Paralyzed in Body

…but free in spirit due to the grace of the Holy Spirit has gone to his Father in heaven where he will receive his very great reward.  Eternal memory! [Read more…]

Fr. Michael Scanlan, RIP

Fr. Michael Scanlan died this morning. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. He, more than anybody else, made Franciscan University into the powerhouse of renewal and evangelization that has done so much good for the American Church and the world. We owe [Read More…]

Why I Loved Carrie Fisher

All summed up in a single interview [Read more…]

RIP Carrie Fisher

I was afraid this was coming. A crappy ending to a crappy year. My one consolation is that I think she would find this darkly funny. Thanks for everything, Princess. You made my youth brighter. Rest in peace through Christ our Lord. [Read more…]

Eternal Memory

[Read more…]

Pope Francis’ letter to a dying girl read aloud at her funeral

I love this man. God rest her soul through our Lord Jesus Christ. [Read more…]

A couple of days ago I was being chewed out for praying for Castro because he was a butcher

It seems Trump called him a butcher too and that means I’m associated with Trump and since Trump is the locus of all evil in the universe I now have Trump cooties. Meh.  Castro was a butcher.  God have mercy on his wretched soul. But what’s that I hear?  I prayed for Castro’s soul when [Read More…]

Try to live your life in such a way that people do not have a huge party when you die

In other news, God have mercy on the wretched murderous soul of Fidel Castro. [Read more…]