Way to go, Strat!

A beautiful and fitting end to a good man’s life: Stratford Caldecott will be buried beside his hero J.R.R. Tolkien. [Read more...]

RIP, dear sweet Stratford Caldecott

He was a fine man. Back in 2005, I had the honor of offering toasts at the Chesterton Society dinner that crowned the annual conference. Dale Ahlquist basically instructed us to tell a joke, make a toast and keep it short. Stratford’s joke was extra super hilarious because his soft-spoken manner combined magnificently with the [Read More...]

A Moment of Silence at 10:37 PDT Today

…for those killed in the Oso mudslide. This has really hurt Washington state. Please pray for them. May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. [Read more...]

Fr. Ray Ryland, RIP

He was a good man and a fine priest and had a happy death surrounded by loved ones. I had the honor of meeting him a couple of years ago at a conference out in Ohio.  We were on a panel discussion together, along with a bunch of other people whose sandals I am not [Read More...]

Fred Phelps Dead

God have mercy on this wretched man’s soul through Christ who died for him. [Read more...]

Eternal light, Fr. James Erving

Back in August, I had the great honor of going out to Roma, Texas to speak at Our Lady of Refuge parish (a story I tell here). I had a wonderful time, not least because I had the great honor to meet a fine young priest named Fr. Jim Erving. Not long after I was [Read More...]

Goodbye, Harold Ramis

A gifted comic genius and a sweet spirit.  If he’d made nothing other than Groundhog Day, dayenu. [Read more...]

Prayers for the Victim of a Horrific Murder

Some of my readers were FB friends with Tom O’Gorman, a vocal member of the prolife Catholic community in Dublin, Ireland. He was murdered on Saturday in a particularly horrible way by a man who appears to be insane. Those who knew him are reeling from shock at this absolutely senseless crime. Pray, please for [Read More...]

President Narcissus snaps a selfie

…at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. You stay classy, Mr. President. By the way, a word about Mandela, who died when I was heading out of town. Eternal rest to him. He had a lot of options when he became president, chief among them to pull South Africa into a bloodbath of race reprisals for a very [Read More...]

In 1951, an Entire Generation of Narcissists Was Not Still Telling Everybody

“I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news that William McKinley had been shot”. But Baby Boomers, being the incredibly self-absorbed people we are, are *still* dominating national discourse for the entire month of November with our conviction that an emotionally upsetting moment from our mummified Pepsi Generation Youth is something that [Read More...]