St. Jerome, Scholar and Crabapple

A favorite poem about a favorite saint on his feast day: The Thunderer by Phyllis McGinley God’s angry man, His crotchety scholar, Was Saint Jerome, The great name-caller, Who cared not a dime For the laws of libel And in his spare time Translated the Bible. Quick to disparage All joys but learning, Jerome thought [Read More...]

The Unsanitized-for-Your-Protection Therese of Lisieux

I like the real Therese much better than the de-humanized one presented by her editors and improvers. [Read more...]

Are Saints New Revelation?

It’s a question under discussion over at the Register. [Read more...]

Are Saints Just Catholic Celebrity Worship?

We discuss the question over at the Register. [Read more...]

Bill Doino….

…on Pope St. John XXIII. I can’t help but wonder when they canonized Jill St. John I. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding something somewhere. [Read more...]

In case you missed it…

The canonization of Sts. John Paul II and John XXIII. Yay! JPII, I believe, holds the world record for meeting and/or being personally seen by people, so a huge portion of the world’s population just became third class relics. [Read more...]

Gorbachev Comes Out…

…as a Christian. Oops! Missed the date on this. Old (and inaccurate) news. Turns out he hastened to call himself an atheist shortly thereafter. Alas. Still, as somebody with a deep fondness for St. Francis (hey! us Dominicans have always gotten on well with St. Francis) I’m particularly struck that a man raised in the [Read More...]

Wow! When the Orthodox Make a Saint…

….they make a saint!  Meet 98 year old Dobri Dobrev, who is a character straight out of Dostoeyevsky: 98 year old dobri dobrev, a man who lost most of his hearing in the second world war, has traveled 25 kilometers every day for decades from his village in his homemade clothes and leather shoes to [Read More...]

Fascinating Story

…of a man who overcame the heresy of Americanism to become, very possibly, a saint. And yes, Americanism is still a heresy.  So is the worship of Mammon, Mars, and Venus, which constitute the Americanist Trinity. [Read more...]

Hey All You Marks and Marshas and Related Cognate Type Peeps

Happy Saint Day!   [Read more...]