Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Starts just before 11 PM PDT, reaches totality at 12:06, should last about an hour. Result: “blood moon” during Holy Week, which is freaking out the signs and wonders crowd. I’ll just enjoy the show till I get further word from God about whether or not this is The End. Unless the weather clouds over, [Read More...]

Navy May Have Figured Out a Way to Make Fuel from Seawater

This would be epoch-making, if true. It could mean the elimination of a potentially civilization-destroying problem: the eventual depletion of our hydrocarbon-based fuels. [Read more...]

Checkmate Atheists!

How can atheists look at a gigantic yellow arrow in space, moving in exact synchronicity with a newly discovered dwarf planet, and deny that there is a God? [Read more...]

Puny Humans, Vast Universe

Given that Cosmos is busy regurgitating the myth of the War on Science by the Evil Catholic Church of Evilness (on the one hand) and Bob Sungenis is just about to embarrass the Faith with a movie on geocentrism that even his own attorney calls “fringe science“, I thought it might be fun to revisit [Read More...]

Atheist Stupid Pet Tricks

As night follows day, when you try to point out that, wrong as the burning of Giordano Bruno (or any other heretic) was, there is no Catholic “War on Science” and he was not a martyr in that fictional war, the atheist brigade shows up to change the subject and shout “O the humanity!  Medievals [Read More...]

Cosmos: Same Old Ignorant Agitprop

A reader writes: What’s your take on this show? Was it overtly anti-catholic or am I being overly sensitive as a Catholic? It’s overtly and stupidly anti-Catholic. History for people who think The Family Guy is the History Channel. For a good all-around debunking of this simple-minded “Catholic Church vs. Science” narrative, go here. For [Read More...]

So *that’s* where it is

From our materialism uber alles files, scientists announce they have located the piece of meat that is your conscience. Up till now, it was thought the piece of meat was a cricket named Jiminy. But now Science Knows that this is superstition and that really it’s a piece of meat in your head. No one [Read More...]

I’m always a little leery of Sciensnooze like this

…since fMRIs have also revealed the supposed brain activity of dead salmon. Still and all, here is somebody claiming to show that ideology rewires your brain physiologically and makes you stupid: something I believe on other observational grounds entirely. Since any mental habit rewires your brain physiologically (given that mental habits are conducted by brain [Read More...]

David Palm Takes on the Thankless Task of Debunking Geocentrism

Why would anybody feel the need to debunk geocentrism? Well, it all started with Bob Sungenis, a fundamentalist who became a Catholic and went from reading the Bible in a flat-footed, individualistic, and literalistic manner heedless of the tradition and the magisterium, to reading the Bible and church documents in a flat-footed, individualistic and literalist [Read More...]

Hype from the world of SCIENCE!!!!

Somebody programs a computer to tell him the universe is a hologram. Computer tells him universe is a hologram. Nature cites this as evidence that universe is a hologram. SCIENCE! Simulations are narrative fictions in which a programmer tells a computer to tell him a story and the computer does what the programmer told it [Read More...]