Ew! and Cool!

Foot long whale ear wax plugs tell us about whale’s life and about environmental pollutants. [Read more...]

Whoa! Mike Flynn’s Been Busy!

The next installment of the Great Ptolemaic Smackdown is out!  I hope he turns this into a book or something.  What fun! [Read more...]

Huzzah! The Next Installment of Mike Flynn’s Epic Tale…

…of the Great Ptolemaic Smackdown is now up!  I’m loving this series! [Read more...]

Postmodernity Often Mistakes Benefiting from Science for Knowing Something about It

Result: people who sign petitions to ban dihydrogen monoxide and expand abortion rights to the fourth trimester. It’s what comes of worshipping instead of using the intellect. [Read more...]

Why Sex with Creatures from the Future is a Bad Idea

Science: Striving to Answer the Big Questions. Be careful out there, people! Also: 186,000 miles per second isn’t just the law, it’s a good idea: Imagine: you’ve traveled all the way across the galaxy to some faraway, potentially life-embracing planet orbiting a faraway star, only to obliterate your destination upon arrival. It’s a very real [Read More...]

What Joy! Mike Flynn’s Next Installment…

…of the Great Ptolemaic Smackdown! History is always so much more fun and interesting that one-dimensional propaganda. [Read more...]

What Joy! Mike Flynn Continues His Series…

on the heliocentric revolution and Galileo.  Oodles of fun! [Read more...]

Hey! We’ve Got Funding! We *Have* to Do it!

A reader sends this along: 8/21/13: Saint Louis University defends Chinese malaria research linked to discredited AIDS study by Alan Scher Zagier, Associated Press: http://bit.ly/18WeUdN Saint Louis University is vigorously defending a research partnership with a Chinese scientist whose work on a study that intentionally infected AIDS patients with malaria was roundly condemned by public health [Read More...]

Mike Flynn Continues His Ongoing Campaign to Educate Us…

…about all this science stuff we thought we knew about, but really just parrot because some priestly figure in a lab coat told us so. Today, he points out that that not  one person in a thousand could actually explain how we know heliocentrism is true and could not, if our lives depended on it, [Read More...]


Tim O’Neil, erstwhile wry, dry, rather sarcastic, eccentric, occasionally arrogant Irish-Australian atheist bastard, has tremendous and informative fun disabusing the vast cadre of internet atheists who worship rather than use the intellect of the gigantic myth of the Evil Old Catholic Church persecuting scientists and thereby creating The Dark Ages[TM].  In particular, he focuses his [Read More...]