I am informed Earth 2.0 leaves my faith in ruins

Another fundamentalist atheist who has never heard of the doctrine of angels thinks that the discovery of non-human intelligence should ruin the Christian faith and then laments that Christians are too intellectually adaptable to be as rigid as his fundamentalism demands: Just like they eventually swept under the rug being wrong about earth’s position in [Read More…]

Heard this from the Lutheran Satire FB page

“I spent my whole life trying to put a battery in backwards before I finally realized that batteries don’t work.” – Every Fundamentalist-Turned-Unbeliever testimonial ever An apt summary of this tragic story. And sadly, a story you won’t necessarily escape entirely in the Catholic Church, if you happen to get sucked into some of its [Read More…]

Honest Atheist Tim O’Neill on Bad Atheist History

here: The idea that the medieval Church taught the earth was flat, that Columbus bravely defied their primitive Biblical superstition and proved they were wrong by sailing to America, is a great story.  Unfortunately, it’s also historical nonsense – a fable with zero basis in reality.  It’s bad enough that I have had the experience of intelligent and [Read More…]

Atheists and Fundamentalists: Brothers under the Skin

So a while back I did a little series for the Register on Natural Revelation. In the course of it, I compared the seemingly similar arguments for Intelligent Design and St. Thomas’ arguments for the existence of God and noted that the problem with ID is that it is basically a species of God of [Read More…]

Scratch an Atheist, Find a Fundamentalist

Trendy atheist sect has only been around a year and already they are in schism because one group of human toothaches is mad that the other human toothaches aren’t willing to be as annoyingly arrogant. Ironically, the dynamics one sees in the Reactionary hostility to Francis is seen there in a different key: one group [Read More…]

Over at Strange Notions, We Continue the Look at How Catholics Read the Bible

…for the benefit of an atheist audience that nearly always read the Bible like flat-footed fundamentalists.  Last time, I made a passing reference to the devil and the audience completely flipped out and lost the power to read words written for adults, reverting to uber-flat-footed Fundamentalism like Linus clinging to his security blanket.  We’ll see what [Read More…]

Bright Gets F for Reading Comprehension

The other day I linked a little story about a brain dead guy who stopped being brain dead (according to his parents) after they prayed for him. I riffed on the old Harvard Law of Animal Behavior (“Animals, under carefully controlled laboratory condiitions, will do whatever they feel like”) by saying “God, under carefully controlled [Read More…]

Richard Dawkins Wears Out His Welcome Among Atheists

Pretty funny stuff: I write as one who became a devout atheist at the age of nine, and has encountered nothing since – with the two exceptions of the globe artichoke and the mango – that hints at the work of an intelligent super-being. And yet whenever I hear Dawkins on the car radio, spluttering [Read More…]

Scratch an Atheist, Find a Fundamentalist

In which an atheist enlightens us with the finest 19th Century Protestant Fundamentalist scholarship to demonstrate that the Virgin Mary was invented in 431 AD. [Read more…]

Mike Flynn Fisks a Darwinist Mob

Huh-freaking-larious.   A mob of censorious Stalinist Darwinists goes after a fellow atheist for failing to be as absolutely pure as they are.  Adventures ensue.  Scratch a militant atheist, find a fundamentalist. Remember: Christians are afraid of reason.  The Apostles of militant atheism are all about the open-minded and fearless pursuit of TRVTH wherever it leads. [Read more…]