Land of Zebulun, Land of Naphtali, Galilee of the Gentiles

One of the more subtle things Matthew likes to do is teach via a sort of “sacred geography”.  So, he tells us, after the arrest of John the Baptist, Jesus leaves Judea and, in a strange but obviously deliberate move, continues on from Nazareth to Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee.  Why? Matthew tells us.  [Read More...]

Deacon Nathan Allen notes something interesting about Matthew’s account of the Nativity

The punctuation does not exist in the original text, but is supplied by translators.  Since lots of translators assume Joseph didn’t believe Mary was pregnant by the Holy Spirit, they add a semi-colon to the angel’s message to Joseph.  However, Jerome, the greatest scripture scholar of antiquity, thought that Joseph believed Mary (I think so [Read More...]

Christmas coolness…

…for the Scripture student in your life–from the increasingly impressive Logos Co. [Read more...]

How Catholics Understand the Bible

We’re talking about it over at Strange Notions. [Read more...]

Interesting Bible App

I’m Mike Stark with The TRUTH & LIFE Dramatized Catholic audio New Testament. T&L is endorsed by the NCEA. I will follow this letter with an e-mail that Cardinal George sent to the Archdiocese of Chicago pastors, as well as all the members of the USCCB. I hope you will take a minuite of your [Read More...]

Hidden and Revealed

One of the basic principles of the Catholic approach to Scripture is that, in the words of Augustine, the New Covenant is revealed in the Old and the Old Covenant is only fully revealed in the New.  This is a view of the Jewish Bible that goes right back, not to Augustine nor the Fathers, but [Read More...]

A reader puzzles about the deuterocanon

…over at the Register. Yr. Obdt. Svt. tries to be of use to him. [Read more...]

The Senses of Scripture are under discussion…

…over at the Register.  I’m kind of drowning in work today and so will be scarce.  Glub! [Read more...]

A question about Tobit…

…is under discussion at the Register. [Read more...]

Conversation with a Fundamentalist

I’m not sure if this particular Fundamentalist is a Catholic or not, but he makes very clear that he reads the Bible through Fundamentalist lenses and not through those offered by the Church and the best in orthodox Catholic Scripture scholarship. It’s a common problem here in post-Protestant America where a lot of Catholic laity [Read More...]