The Senses of Scripture are under discussion…

…over at the Register.  I’m kind of drowning in work today and so will be scarce.  Glub! [Read more...]

A question about Tobit…

…is under discussion at the Register. [Read more...]

Conversation with a Fundamentalist

I’m not sure if this particular Fundamentalist is a Catholic or not, but he makes very clear that he reads the Bible through Fundamentalist lenses and not through those offered by the Church and the best in orthodox Catholic Scripture scholarship. It’s a common problem here in post-Protestant America where a lot of Catholic laity [Read More...]

Robert Ballard is Going Looking for Noah’s Flood

or at any rate, the historical basis of the story. We’ve known for some time that there is evidence of human settlements deep under the Black Sea, suggesting that some sort of flood, whether gradual or catastrophic, overtook the region. I have a high degree of respect for stories that are common across a wide [Read More...]

You know that whole “The Star of Bethlehem is Just Mythology” thing?

Turns out not so much as you might think. Here’s the thing about the gospels. There really is nothing quite like them in the annals of world literature and the sooner you confront that fact, the less chance you have of the media making you stupid about them. On the one hand, the gospels clearly [Read More...]

Learning to Think a Little More Like St. Thomas

So my friend Karl Keating writes a rather light-hearted take on his Facebook page, noting that N.T. Wright (an Anglican New Testament scholar) can be rather problematic when he starts banging on about women’s ordination.  Sez Karl: Some folks I know–Mark Shea, for instance–say lots of good things about N. T. Wright, the retired Anglican [Read More...]

Over at Leah’s, a reader asks concerning Bartimaeus…

Upon what evidence was the blind man relying when he addressed him as “son of David”? We don’t know, but presumably it was the same evidence that motivated huge crowds to follow Jesus, in short, his preaching and his signs–-all the stuff the New Testament describes him saying and doing. Bartimaeus, like Peter, came to [Read More...]