She made it all by herself!

“Now that my sweet baby girl has puked directly into my eye, I really feel like I’ve crossed a threshold in parenting.” – Matthew Shea, father of Seraphim the Beauteous [Read more...]

Seraphim the Beauteous Was 3 Months Old Yesterday

Here she is: one smilin’ gob of chub: [Read more...]

Seraphim the Beauteous!

Grampa loves his girl! Cuz she’s super-adorable! And constitutes one incredibly squeezable, huggable, kissable fat stack of baby! [Read more...]

Random Seraphim the Beauteous Moment

Seraphim Anduin Shea, Beautiful Beyond Telling [Read more...]

Super Easter Seraphim Anduin Up Up and Away Girl Power is GO!

[Read more...]