5 Myths about Seven Books: Now in German!

Here it is! [Read more...]

Happy New Year Again!

Yr. Obdt. Svt. on Calendrical Curiosities. [Read more...]

The Drama of Faith…

…means that we live our lives as priestly sub-creators. [Read more...]

The Drama of Faith: Part Two

Today we look at the way in which mask wearing and acting, good and bad, feeds into the Catholic tradition. [Read more...]

The Drama of Faith

The Church and the Stage is the first in a little series by Yr Obdt Svt over at Catholic World Report exploring the relationship between drama and the Catholic Tradition. [Read more...]

Yr. Obdt. Svt. on Blogging

…is under discussion over at Intercollegiate Review. [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Covenants

There’s a bit of kerfuffle I’m hearing through the grapevine about my views on the relationship between the Old and New Covenants. If you are interested, I offer the following little series I wrote a while back. It is offered, not as the “The Binding Teaching of the Church” but rather as a permissible opinion [Read More...]

Since I seem to baffle so many people…

I thought I’d link this little refresher on how my weird brain works. Nothing much has changed since I wrote it–except that American culture has become even more demented. [Read more...]

Human Sacrifice…

…among the ideologues is under discussion over at Catholic World Report, courtesy of Yr Obdt. Svt. [Read more...]

“Outside the Church, No Salvation” is true

…but then again “we don’t know where “outside” is. We know where the Church is. We do not know where it is not. Bonus essay:  It Didn’t Go Out with Vatican II [Read more...]