Toldja so, Part Deux

Pointy headed guys say Pedophilia is a Natural and Normal for Males Clearly there is only one civilized reaction to this: scream to heaven for justice for Womyn!  Why the superstitious sexist belief that only males can express their sexual freedom with children? Did not the holy martyr Mary Kay LaTourneau show that womyn could [Read More...]


…a civilization that honors virginity also created a culture that honors childhood: [Read more...]

Show Me a Culture That Despises Virginity…

…and I will show you a culture that despises childhood. Exhibit 23409823:  The sexualization of Candy Land. And that ain’t all. One of the best things you can do for your daughter is teach her not to measure herself by the light of a porn culture bent on enslaving her to fears about her looks [Read More...]