…joins with Christians in our fasting.  The more the merrier! [Read more...]

Life News Does a Story on Aimee Christine Murphy

…one of the bright spots in the rising generation of prolife actvists. Her Life Matters Journal advocates for a consistent life ethic. Bully for her! [Read more...]

He is happy

[Read more...]

I like Ralph Martin

…much as I like Fr. Robert Barron. I have had the pleasure of meeting both men and think them both good and honorable. Alas, in our polarized Church of internet team sports, more and more people find that hard to understand, since these two good men have engaged in controversy with one another and so [Read More...]

Signs of Hope

I heard John Allen, Jr. speak in Denver a couple of years ago. He was great (also had a chance to talk shop with him later that evening, which was cool). In his talk, he pointed out that since most chatter about the Church happens in the media-rich First World, it tends to be dominated [Read More...]

This is a Very Hopeful Sign

I’m a big supporter of Life Matters Journal.  Their incredibly simple idea:  Be Consistent.  Hold with the whole of Catholic teaching on the dignity and sanctity of human life and stop ransacking for bits and pieces to fortify a stunted, destructive and inhuman ideology.  The existence, youth, and vitality of these guys (centered at Franciscan [Read More...]

Go Out. Make a Mess. Stir Things Up. Christify the World.

Pope Francis gets it.  So does Fr. Robert Barron.  God help us do it. What gifts these men are. Thanks be to God. They give me great hope. [Read more...]

A Beautiful Video of a New Bride of Christ

Reader Bill Durst sends along this lovely video about a friend of his that just gives you hope for the Church: [Read more...]

Things I Find it Impossible to Care About

So apparently some bishops made merry down in Rio at World Youth Day doing a silly dance thing.  The horror. Then a priest with absolutely no discernible pastoral responsibilities who spends all his time on line decided to gripe about this and use that “Be This Guy” image of the dude refusing to offer a Nazi [Read More...]

Had a wonderful day yesterday

In the morning, I went down to Federal Way and had a sort of brunchy lunch with a terrific young priest named Fr. Jacob Maurer.  He’s the real deal and he runs a blog called Followers of the Way.  We had a good long yak about everything under the sun from adventures in St. Blog’s [Read More...]