A Beautiful Video of a New Bride of Christ

Reader Bill Durst sends along this lovely video about a friend of his that just gives you hope for the Church: [Read more…]

Things I Find it Impossible to Care About

So apparently some bishops made merry down in Rio at World Youth Day doing a silly dance thing.  The horror. Then a priest with absolutely no discernible pastoral responsibilities who spends all his time on line decided to gripe about this and use that “Be This Guy” image of the dude refusing to offer a Nazi [Read More…]

Had a wonderful day yesterday

In the morning, I went down to Federal Way and had a sort of brunchy lunch with a terrific young priest named Fr. Jacob Maurer.  He’s the real deal and he runs a blog called Followers of the Way.  We had a good long yak about everything under the sun from adventures in St. Blog’s [Read More…]

Christian Democracy

The March 1 edition is on the air! [Read more…]

Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings Thou Hast Perfected Praise

“I am made of Lucy and you can’t break me.” – My Incredible Three-Year Old Grand-daughter Lucy the Cuteness. After this black 48 hours, a good portion of which I have spent crying, I’m willing to take that as a sign from the Holy Innocents that the devil remains as defeated as ever by the [Read More…]

An Oddly Hopeful Sign For Me

is that two readers, one of them quite conservative, the other, I think, probably a self-identified progressive could write the following (‘sup to you to tell me which wrote which): For forty years, the Republican Party’s been saying that Christians must support GOP nominees because the alternative is abortion, gay marriage, and socialism.  But in that forty [Read More…]

Another sign of hope

A reader writes: I think this organization, St. Paul Street Evangelization, would be an amazing story.  They are a group of Catholics who take the Catholic Faith to the streets.  On Facebook, the group is rapidly growing a following among faithful Catholics, by posting pictures and articles of the experiences they have on the streets [Read More…]

Two Signs of Hope

Two St. John’s Catholic School Students in Radiant Magazine. [Read more…]

A Joyous Weekend

So this past Saturday, I got invited out to a home on Vashon Island for an interesting and beautiful event. A young couple who had made their way through a number of Protestant traditions and recently become Catholic decided to host an event at their home in which various folks from Catholic and Evangelical traditions [Read More…]

Where then is hope?

I would submit that here is one such place: The Church has a great treasure in our youth. Go get em, tigers! [Read more…]