Abortion is Murder. Murder is a Sin. Sin Makes You Stupid.

Compare and contrast: “When does global warming begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of fossil fuel burning consumers. A powerful feeling–but not science.” Abortion rhetoric: the real refuge for the science-denying ninny. [Read more...]

Few Things are More Entertaining…

… than when the abortion lobby does not get its way and, in retaliation, unhinges its jaw and devours its own head.   [Read more...]

When Evil Badassery Goes Klonk

Sin makes you stupid. [Read more...]

Science Denialism

I would like to see a freshman in high school biology try to escape an F by answering a quiz on fetal development with “It’s just goo”. This is what happens when a culture supposedly devoted to reason gets its science and philosophy from a comedian.  Dr. Leo Spaceman is a more reliable guide to [Read More...]

The people who protested the insanity of “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it” during the Vietnam era

…have become all that they once hated. Consequentialism does that to you. [Read more...]

Atheists: Our Moral and Intellectual Superiors

Here’s an atheist struggling with the perennial moral quandary: Dachau:  Good or evil? Admittedly, it’s a really hard question to answer–”Mass murder: good or evil?”–but you’d think that somebody as devoted to the worship of the intellect as a New Atheist would be able to slog through the complexities of the problem and arrive at [Read More...]

When it comes to punishing the weak…

we must spare no expense, even if it’s massively stupid. [Read more...]

Pope Francis has Lunch with Some Argentinian Jewish Leaders

On cue, reactionary hysterics wet themselves.Cuz Jesus never ate with Jews or anything. Reactionaries need a blankie and a bottle of warm milk. The only people in the Church who regard pope Francis as a problem are the people who have been so wrong about so much so many times that you’d think they would [Read More...]

Dear President Nixon, I mean, Obama

Long ago, according to legend, Lyndon Johnson is reputed to have remarked about Vietnam, “If I’ve lost Walter Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”  He was an astute politician and understood that if you alienate the media and the people who trust them to tell them what actually going on (even if they don’t *really* tell [Read More...]

Conservative Christians in the Military Are Going to Increasingly Find Themselves in a Bind

…as will a country dependent on the self-sacrificial honor of such men and women when the anti-Christian radicals in our Ruling Class begin their Long March through the military in a systematic anti-Christian pogrom.  If you are looking for the sorts of people our Ruling Classes are beginning to consult in order to “deal” with [Read More...]

Catholic Hospital Fights for 30 Pieces of Silver

In order to win a lawsuit, they argue that a fetus is not a human being.  Brilliant.  Enjoy your Mammon. [Read more...]

Given a Choice Between Saving Babies…

…and stoking the fires of anti-Catholic bigotry, Abolish Human Abortion chooses bigotry. Smart. [Read more...]