Given a Choice Between Saving Babies…

…and stoking the fires of anti-Catholic bigotry, Abolish Human Abortion chooses bigotry. Smart. [Read more...]

Four Pieces of Correspondence

Exhibit A: Instead of clinging with those Libertarians who live in lala land, give serious consideration to what happened last night…and just who voted for this disaster. All the so-called Americans who are receiving government assistance, the minorities and the ideologues. Exhibit B: I’ve got an idea. Let’s abandon our principles and champion abortion, gay [Read More...]

Sin: Making Smart People Stupid Since the Garden of Eden

First academia denies that the most vunerable among us as persons, now it want’s to instead give the title to animals. Hitler loved his dog too. [Read more...]

Ross Douthat

answers Adam Gopnik and his reflexive panic about the imminent Theocracy that (Gopnik hyperventilates) RR are about to impose–a fear as in touch with reality as the Right’s fear of the Atheist Komminiss Nazi Islamic Shariah regime Obama is about to impose. There is nothing left once Douthat is through with Gopnik’s piece.  Gopnik’s devotion to [Read More...]

Obama: Living Laboratory Demonstration that Sin Makes You Stupid

First, there was the debate. Then, there’s the whinging because people are making him prepare for the next debate instead of just letting him do as he likes and bowing to his genius. Now, there’s the unbelievable clumsy attempt to manipulate the crowd with appeals to SAVE BIG BIRD–which the makers of Sesame Street have [Read More...]

Those who believe everything is about economics…

will be baffled at why a President ruling over an economy in shambles would deliberately and draconianly punish a business that is a) harmless and b) thriving. Those of us who are aware of the fact that Obama is an enemy of Christian conscience and is engaged in a campaign to smash it where it [Read More...]

I’m starting to think Obama is really afraid

When the Onion is lampooning the truly desperately sleazy attack ads that Obama is quite obviously behind, it means Obama is in serious trouble.  Obama was elected by a volatile combination of people sick of Bush and leftist messianic zealots ready to worship him with the looniest of inflated expectations (“Black Jesus” Spike Lee described [Read More...]