Hey, Roma, Texas!

I’m headed your way today to speak to some 500 youthly folk this weekend! Hope to see you there! [Read more...]

Hey Western Washington!

I’ll be speaking at St. Philomena parish in Des Moines, WA this evening at 7 PM.  We’ll be talking about the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes crown the Ten Commandments and show us the way to complete happiness through the highly paradoxical teaching of Jesus, field-tested by the saints and shown to be true. Come and take [Read More...]

Upcoming Speaking Gigs

Hey Western Washington and British Columbia! I’ve got a couple of speaking gigs in your area in the next couple of days. This evening at 7:00 PM, I will be at St. Andrew parish in Sumner, WA, talking about the Family as the Icon of the Holy Trinity. Then, on June 1, starting at 11 [Read More...]

Hey Western Washington! Mark Your Calendars!

I will be speaking three times in the next week: April 25 7:00 PM Blessed Sacrament, Seattle, WA. Topic: Mary, Mother of the Son April 28 2:00 PM St. Brendan’s parish, Bothell, WA. I will be joining Fr. Donald Calloway and talking about Mary. April 29 7:00 PM. St. Mary Magdalen Parish, Everett, WA. Topic: [Read More...]

Hey Seattle! Mark Your Calendars!

I’ll be speaking on “Prayer and the Sacraments” at St. Anthony’s Parish Hall in Renton at 6:45 PM January 16. I’ll be speaking on “This is My Body” (a defense of the Real Presence in the Eucharist) at Christ the King in Greenwood on January 17 at 7:00 PM. Be there!  Aloha! [Read more...]

Blast from the Past

I was in New Zealand in April 2003 for a Eucharistic conference (if you visit my archives for that month, you can read my chronicles of my travels). It turns out they made a video of one of my talks and the guy who organized the conference, John Porteous, just posted it to Youtube. It’s [Read More...]

Hey Seattle!

Hello Catholic Professionals of Seattle, We wish you a blessed time as we prepare for the Lord’s coming. We also invite you as part of that preparation to register for the first event of the New Year. Please invite your friends to join you as we ring in the new year with another excellent breakfast [Read More...]

Hey Chicago!

The Faire Celtic Bride and I will be in Libertyville this weekend, hanging with the Militia Immaculata gang at Marytown.  If you feel like swinging by to say “Howdy!” feel free.  I’m speaking a couple of times, but fortunately there are much better people to make up for me.  Drop me a line if you [Read More...]

Hey Chicago! Meet Me at Marytown this Saturday!

I’ll be here, talking about Mary on Saturday October 20 at 10:45 AM! Be there! Aloha! [Read more...]

Hey Denver and Windsor, Colorado!

Hope to see you on October 12-13! Click on the image to register! [Read more...]