Hey Western Washington!

I’ll be speaking this Wednesday night on “The Family as Icon of the Holy Trinity” at St. Brendan’s parish in Bothell at 6:00 PM. Don’t miss it if you can. [Read more...]

Michael Matt and Kent Wuchterl

…of the Argument of the Month Club chew the fat on the recent debate between me and Michael Voris: As I say, I’m the last person to consult about who won the debate. If you want my worthless opinion, I won. But then I would say that, wouldn’t I? The more I’ve thought about it, [Read More...]

Hey Virginia! I’m coming your way this week!

I’ll be speaking on “101 Reasons Not to Be Catholic” for the Catholic Campus Ministry at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg this Wednesday evening, October 23.The event is free! If you can make it, I’d love to see you! And I think I will largely be free on Wednesday (except for the writing [Read More...]

Hey Western Washington! Come to the “Life is Sacred” Conference at St. Mary Magdalen in Everett

Not only will the awesome Dr. Tom Curran be there, I’ll be there too! Best of all, Archbishop Sartain will be celebrating Mass at 9 AM! Here’s the nifty flyer with the registration! [Read more...]

Back, But Super Busy

The thing about road trips is that work and correspondence keep piling up like snow while you are gone. Which is to say, “I know people want to hear about the debate and all that, but I have to write two study guides and plow through my mail (80 emails!) and get other stuff combobulated. [Read More...]

On the Road to Mpls/St. Paul for the Debate with Michael Voris

That’ll be tomorrow at St. Augustine parish for the Argument of the Month club. Here’s the, uh, write-up: Oktoberfest at AOTM- Special Event- Starts at 3pm Roll up your sleeves, men, and come hungry—not only for the debate of the year, but also for Oktoberfest beer, brats, cigars, and more in the tent outside and [Read More...]

Hey Western Washington!

I’ll be speaking at St. Augustine parish in Oak Harbor this Thursday, October 3 at 6:30 PM on “Mary: Sign of Comfort, Hope and Discipleship”. Hope to see you there! [Read more...]

Had a chat with Michael Voris yesterday

We talked for about an hour.  Got a chance to know each other a bit and I had a chance to lay out most of my concerns.  It ended on a friendly note, though I don’t think I really got through to him.  I promised I wouldn’t talk about anything he said, so I can’t [Read More...]

Hey, Roma, Texas!

I’m headed your way today to speak to some 500 youthly folk this weekend! Hope to see you there! [Read more...]

Hey Western Washington!

I’ll be speaking at St. Philomena parish in Des Moines, WA this evening at 7 PM.  We’ll be talking about the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes crown the Ten Commandments and show us the way to complete happiness through the highly paradoxical teaching of Jesus, field-tested by the saints and shown to be true. Come and take [Read More...]