The Tortured Conscience of the Gray Lady

As the Obama Administration continues to completely unspool with IRS abuses, spying on citizens, gross abuses of power, and intimidation of the press, the NY Times runs in circles like a horse with a twisted bowel, trying to figure out how to report these shattering betrayals while somehow salvaging The Vision and standing by their [Read More…]

Tom Brokaw Declines to be Spaniel of Ruling Class

Bought and paid for whores in state-run media yip and yap in protest. How does Caesar tame the “watchdogs”? Throw them food, of course. [Read more…]

A good takedown of the filthy and obscene lies

of the pro-abortion media as it pulls out all the stops to Just Not See or Report on Gosnell. In a just world, the editors, reporters and producers of our State-Run Media would be subjected to a Nuremburg trial just like Julius Streicher, the editor of Der Sturmer. This is not an accidental oversight. This [Read More…]

The Job of Our State Run Media…

is to protect our Ruling Class from you knowing things that would only upset you. [Read more…]

Local Crime Story my Eye

In a just world, once they are done putting the butcher Gosnell away for the rest of his natural life, they will begin a series of Nuremburg trials in which the MSM is prosecuted for malpractice every bit as gross and neglectful for their systematic and wilful choice to turn a blind eye to this [Read More…]

The WaPo Method for Gosnell Coverage Applied to Other News

Berlin Times: September 1, 1939: Area Man Invades Poland Dallas Morning News: November 22, 1963: Massachusetts Man Dies in Local Shooting Incident August 31, 1997: Paris Gazette: English Tourist Dies in Local Traffic Mishap NY Times: September 11, 2001: Local Landmarks Affected by Low-Flying Aircraft New Orleans Picayune: August 2005. Local flooding Inconveniences New Orleans Neighborhoods [Read More…]

HHS Mandate in Trouble in the Courts

Cardinal Dolan does the job the state-controlled media won’t do and keeps us informed of these facts that are inconvenient to the God King’s narrative. [Read more…]

Bravo Bp. Jenky!

It is interesting that McClatchy, which supposedly speaks truth to power, is in fact busily acting as state-run media for Power here.  As near as I can tell, the bishop’s letter never mentions Obama.  But since the shoe fits, they spring to his defense. If McClatchy were really interested in speaking truth to power, it might [Read More…]

Free the Press!

Elect Romney! The sudden and abrupt discovery of a somewhat realistic simulacrum of a “conscience” (on selected issues) by the “antiwar Left” and the media will make your neck crack and your ears pop on January 20, 2013.  Fake dudgeon at the antics of our Ruling Class is better than no dudgeon at all. [Read more…]

Fascinatingly Tortured Attempt…

…by a Lefty attempting to come to grips with the fact that Obama has anointed himself a completely unaccountable tyrant with a 007 on anybody he feels like killing.  This, in particular, I find amazing: You are a good man. You are an honorable man. You are both president of the United States and the [Read More…]