Yet Another Folk Hero Who Is Obviously Dodgy

Walid Shoebat has been around for several years, announcing himself as a former Muslim terrorist who became a devout Christian and telling conservative Christians exactly what they want to hear. Lately, he has taken to making demented pronunciations about the glories of Putin’s Russia as the last bastion against anti-Christ. CNN did a little digging [Read More...]

Are Saints Just Catholic Celebrity Worship?

We discuss the question over at the Register. [Read more...]

On the other hand, before you anoint the Duck Dynasty dude the Stonewall Jackson of Red Meat Culture War Christians….

…you might want to consider his commentary on the Jim Crow South: “I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person,” Robertson is quoted in GQ. “Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white [Read More...]

Some guy with a vendetta says there’s a gay pedophile ring of Satanists in the Vatican

…so, of course, the more tabloidesque press runs with it and a number of Catholics write me in panic about it this weekend, particularly since one of those tabloids was a Conservative Catholic Folk Hero. I was, however, off swimming with my adorable grandddaughter Lucy the Cuteness, who astonished us all by donning an approved [Read More...]

Serious Questions Raised…

…about Russ Ford’s story. Don’t know the man myself (I think I’ve seen pieces he’s written here and there but I couldn’t tell you five words he’s said).  Still and all, I think Catholics should proceed with caution given what Aletia has to say. [Read more...]

Another Conservative Catholic Folk Hero Implodes

Last year we were led to believe that Paul Ryan was a Catholic Political Hero of the first water. We were all morally bound to vote for his boss (and even to lie to ourselves that his boss had had a “prolife conversion”) because–the ends justifying the means and all–voting for Romney would eventually ensure [Read More...]

Why Do People Take Fr. Gabriele Amorth Seriously?

Now the guy is spouting off about Masons Controlling the World and waving his hands about some conspiracy to rub him out as they (allegedly) rubbed out JPI. And, come on, 70,000 exorcisms? Jimmy Akin has done the autopsy on this guy’s extremely dubious claims. Please: exercise discernment with these Folk Heroes. [Read more...]

Jimmy Akin Takes Up the Thankless Task of Warning Foolish Ingrates about a Shady Crank

This time, the shady crank is one Maria Divine Mercy, who issues anonymous, unapproved “prophetic” BS from Ireland about end times rubbish–and so is naturally battened on by the astoundingly discernment-free cadre of private revelation enthusiasts who seem to form a significant subset of those who regard themselves as Truly True Catholics. Jimmy gives plenty [Read More...]

The infallible conservative anti-charism for anointing folk heroes…

continues its winning streak: In his rebuttal, D’Souza said he was unaware that being engaged to someone while still legally married to someone else would be frowned upon at the conference (of Christian apologetics). “I sought out advice about whether it is legal to be engaged prior to being divorced and I was informed that [Read More...]