NOW Hits Bottom, Keeps Digging

Watch the latest video at <a href=””></a> Dear Patricia Ireland: What you are doing is very very very smart and you should keep doing it. [Read more...]

NOW puts Little Sisters of the Poor on their “Dirty 100″ Enemies List

This is what dealers in image call “bad optics”–and not for the Little Sisters of the Poor. The spectacle of NOW beating up these sweet little nuns while screaming about a “War on Women” is like watching Brutus stomp the living daylights out of Sweet Pea and whine that he’s the real victim. May it [Read More...]

The Man Who Used to be Franky Schaeffer Completely Loses His Mind

…over the Hobby Lobby decision.  I’m amazed he didn’t bring in chemtrails, moon landing hoaxes, and lizard people into his bizarre conspiracy theory. [Read more...]

The Horrah! The Horrah!

To hear the freakouters tell it, America just became The Handmaid’s Tale and not, you know, what it was a couple of years ago before Obama decided to stick a gun in the ribs of people of conscience and gratuitously punish them in an incredibly petty way. Sandra Fluke: Somehow you will survive. [Read more...]

The Freakoutery over the HHS Ruling is Very Entertaining and Incoherent

Case in point: Um, right.  Not your boss’s business.  Your business.  If you don’t want it to be your boss’s business, don’t frogmarch him into your bedroom and force him to pay for your rubbers and pills.  You pay for them.  They are cheap and so common that they are screwing up the water supply. [Read More...]

SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Religious Liberty on HHS Mandate

CNN’s on the story here. One thing I will give Obama:  His SCOTUS appointees have joined the entire court in smashing him flat with unanimous rulings against him on 13 different occasions since 2012. Evidently they did not get the memo on what a brilliant Constitutional scholar he is.  Here’s hoping for No. 14. Pray! Update: Breaking: [Read More...]

EWTN Denied Exemption from HHS Mandate

Because a non-profit run by nuns and monks is not religious enough. And, of course, the Church needs to be punished by Those of Name. Resist. [Read more...]

God Guide the SCOTUS…

…to do the right thing and strike down the HHS Mandate. [Read more...]

True Dat

“If tone-deafness were impeachable, Holder would be gone just for going to court against the *Little Sisters of the Poor.* You could not make up worse optics than this. Unless there was a group called “Orphans Who Help Lost Kittens and Puppies.” – Ed Ahlsen-Girard It’s not on them (or us) to have to prove [Read More...]

The Massive Hubris of the Obama Administration…

…is nowhere in more epic and Hindenburgesque evidence than when it serious essays to lecture the Little Sisters of the Poor on their own theology and moral teaching in order to declare to them that they have no complaint over being frogmarched, at gunpoint, into a total stranger’s bedroom and forced to pay for their [Read More...]