EWTN Denied Exemption from HHS Mandate

Because a non-profit run by nuns and monks is not religious enough. And, of course, the Church needs to be punished by Those of Name. Resist. [Read more…]

God Guide the SCOTUS…

…to do the right thing and strike down the HHS Mandate. [Read more…]

True Dat

“If tone-deafness were impeachable, Holder would be gone just for going to court against the *Little Sisters of the Poor.* You could not make up worse optics than this. Unless there was a group called “Orphans Who Help Lost Kittens and Puppies.” – Ed Ahlsen-Girard It’s not on them (or us) to have to prove [Read More…]

The Massive Hubris of the Obama Administration…

…is nowhere in more epic and Hindenburgesque evidence than when it serious essays to lecture the Little Sisters of the Poor on their own theology and moral teaching in order to declare to them that they have no complaint over being frogmarched, at gunpoint, into a total stranger’s bedroom and forced to pay for their [Read More…]

Well done, Justice Sotomayor!

…for blocking the Obama Administration’s tyrannical HHS mandate for the Little Sisters of the Poor. Now just do it permanently and for everybody with a conscience objection to being forced to pay for somebody else’s contraception and abortion and we’ll be good. [Read more…]

A reader puzzles about the HHS Mandate

He writes: Maybe this is just a particularly loathsome example of liberal Christian nonsense, but this article, by a Quaker, is making the rounds on FB. Read it if you have time — if not, I know you’re busy. I’m wondering if you know any good articles, or have written any, that addresses the following [Read More…]

Excellent! NY Judge Rules in Favor of Religious Liberty Against HHS Mandate

Well done, your honor. The Prez’s Nixonian poll numbers are well deserved. [Read more…]

Good to see

San Diego health workers assured of conscience rights at White Mass [Read more…]

Wow! US Bishops to Obama: We will not comply with the HHS Mandate

Whaddaya know! (I’m bolding the stuff I think really sticks out): A Special Message from the Bishops of the United States The bishops of this country have just concluded their traditional fall meeting in Baltimore and have spent time on issues important to them and their people: help to those suffering from Typhoon Haiyan; an [Read More…]

Excellent News!

Court tells God King he can’t hold a gun to the head of a Catholic business, frog march them into somebody’s bedroom, and make them pay for their contraception. Dear confused paladins of sexual libertinism: Make up your minds.  You want us Catholics out of the privacy of your bedroom?  Fine by me.  I don’t [Read More…]