Tell the Federal Government to Respect Religious Freedom

Monday, April 8 is the deadline for submitting comments to the Obama Administration on the latest version of its HHS contraceptive/abortifacient/sterilization mandate. Please take a moment to submit a short online comment in support of religious freedom. Religious freedom is not just the right to go to church.  It is the freedom to live one’s [Read More…]

14 out of 453 members of Congress Care about Conscience and Religious Liberty

13 of them are women. Someday, Rebecca Hamilton should join their number. Oklahoma, don’t drop her because you won’t find another like her anytime soon. [Read more…]

It turns out religious liberty is still in peril here

The USCCB writes: Dear Friend of Religious Liberty: As you know, there are major threats looming against people and groups that are opposed in conscience to providing insurance coverage for sterilizations, contraception, or abortifacient drugs, or to participating in or facilitating an abortion. Now is the time to act!  Congress will soon be considering a [Read More…]

Obama to EWTN and Register: You’re Still Screwed

EWTN and Register to Obama:  We still resist you to your face.  So do an awful lot of other people of conscience who are taking this to court–and doing reasonably well by all reports. At the end of the day, what the argument boils down to is this.  Sandra Fluke sez to people who had [Read More…]

Nope. Obama is Just Making Strategic Moves on the HHS Mandate

Smart lawyer types and the USCCB and various other religious folk who bid fair to be screwed by this tyrannical act will have to take the magnifying glass to it and figure out what it all means but it’s not a very encouraging sign. Here’s Ezra Klein’s first draft of history. As a non-lawyer type, my [Read More…]

Most News Media Offer You the Equivalent of Fast Food

It’s news that’s whipped up and slapped on a plate quickly for you to consume swiftly and uncritically. The great thing about the NY Times is that it offers you finely *aged* news, such as the Times recent leisurely discovery that there are lawsuits–rather a lot of them actually–against the HHS mandate and that things [Read More…]

Our Dear Leader Celebrates the Religious Liberties He Allows Us to Still Retain

Tom McDonald offers his pungent opinions on what our Dear Leader can do with his fake celebration of Religious Liberty. The Lord thy President is a jealous god and doesn’t much like this whole religious liberty thing since the God of Israel really cuts into Caesar’s turf and get in the way of Big Plans. [Read More…]

Indiana: Standing Tall for Not *Too* Much Religious Liberty Just Yet

A lawyer friend writes from the Hoosier State: Here is the order dismissing Notre Dame’s lawsuit against the HHS mandate. The judge finds that the case isn’t “ripe” because Notre Dame doesn’t have to comply with the mandate until a year from now. Federal jurisprudence is littered with exceptions to the “ripeness” doctrine for cases [Read More…]

Resist the Tyrant!

Stop the HHS Mandate! [Read more…]


Another victory against the HHS Mandate in the Courts. And a good thing too, since the Administration’s assault on the Catholic Church (which is what this is really about) threatens to drive such dangerous criminals as the Little Sisters of the Poor out of the US. Sez my beloved #2 son about the Mandate’s persecution [Read More…]