54% of Catholic Voters to Obama:

“Go ahead and feel free to take my conscience away from me since I’m not using it anyway.” [Read more...]

Our Orwellian God King

…presiding over an HHS mandate where “choice” means forcing Catholics to pay for sterilizing minors and inflicting draconian punishments if they refuse. If you are Catholic and voting for this tyrant, may I ask “What happened to your soul?  How do square this with all that blather you emit about ‘conscience’ and ‘freedom’ every time [Read More...]

Bremerton, WA and parts surrounding: See you tonight!

We’ll be discussing religious liberty at Our Lady Star of the Sea this evening at 7! Hope you can come! [Read more...]

Romney on the HHS Mandate

I don’t have a TV that talks to the outside world, so I didn’t see Raymond Arroyo’s interview with Romney.  However a friend who did watch it writes in astonishment: Arroyo asked was what would Romney do about the HHS mandate. Romney did not answer the question. Instead he spent five minutes mouthing platitudes about “freedom [Read More...]

Big Laws and Small Laws

In which we discuss our God King’s jealousy of the real God and the war he has declared on Christ’s Church. [Read more...]

No. Really. This is about ideological war against the Church

…not about care for the uninsured. Do not underestimate the way in which principalities and powers move seemingly rational human beings from fixation on a seemingly small issue (a five cent condom, a pinch of incense) to being fanatical enemies of the Church when she does not capitulate on a seeming triviality.  Chesterton does a [Read More...]

Hey Western Washington!

Holy Family parish in Kirkland will be hosting a panel discussion of the issues, both spiritual and political surround the tyranny of the HHS mandate. Yr. Obdt. Svt. will be there as well as some interesting and intelligent people: August 8, 2012 – Special Summer Event Is Religious Liberty in America Vanishing? Join us for [Read More...]

One More Catholic Having His Conscience Smashed by our God King

He writes: There is an aspect of the HHS Mandate that people are not realizing. I am a partner (one of 4) in a small, privately held, business that has 10 employees. We provide high deductible health insurance for all of our employees and their families. We also fund a health savings account for them [Read More...]

More Good News

Court issues injunction against HHS mandate in Colorado. Resist the Tyrant! [Read more...]

The HHS Mandate and Unjust War

In which Yr. Obdt. Svt looks at the question of whether we have an obligation to support the HHS mandate for the same reason we have an obligation to pay our taxes during an unjust war. Hint: no. Resist the Tyrant! [Read more...]

Fr. James Schall explains…

…why no Catholic in his or her right mind should vote for Obama. Yes. He really does intend to persecute and smash Catholic conscience and do as much damage as possible to the Church. That is, for him, not a bug but a feature. Do not support his war on Catholic conscience. [Read more...]

Speaking of Enemies of the State…

The ecumenism of the trenches may soon become the ecumenism of the confessors and even the martyrs depending on how ruthless Caesar decides to get when Christians refuse to knuckle under. I for one rejoice to see Evangelicals and Catholic bear common witness to Jesus in the face of the jealous god in the White [Read More...]