“We didn’t pick the time…

…nor did we pick the fight”. But since Caesar has chosen to exalt himself over God, we must defend ourselves. [Read more…]

The Minnesota Catholic Conference…

…has launched its First Freedom Project to offer educational and catechetical events and other resources on religious liberty. This blog is MCC’s central resource on the issue. In it they cover current issues related to religious freedom and the proper Catholic response, including articles/posts like: “why all the furor” over the recent HHS Mandate. Check [Read More…]

Freedom means liberty to do the good…

..not liberty to make me pay for your choice to fornicate. You want me out of your bedroom? Great. Then don’t stick a gun in my ribs, frogmarch me in there, and demand that I pay for your contraceptives. Buy them yourself. They’re so cheap and easily available they are screwing up the water supply. [Read More…]

My friend Scott Richert…

responds to something I’m not quite saying. He may well be right that the ruling yesterday dims the hope that the damnable HHS mandate will be overturned.  As I never tire of pointing out, I’m not a lawyer and so don’t claim to know one way or t’other what the full implications of this decision [Read More…]

Change You Can Believe In!

“As president, Mitt will nominate judges in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts …” – MittRomney.com Mind you, I don’t regard the Obamacare decision as the apocalyptic event died-in-the-wool Obama haters do. I just think this quote is hilarious. I hope that once the hysteria has died down and Talk Radio imbibing conservatives have changed [Read More…]

As we head into the weekend, remember…

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Why is it absolutely vital to vote GOP?

To make sure you get rock solid SCOTUS appointees like John Roberts, of course. And Presidents like Mitt Romney who never gave the people of Massachusetts anything like Obamacare. My burning interest is not in Obamacare, but in the evil HHS mandate. Although it’s greatly out of step with talk radio dogmatics, the bishops’ attitude [Read More…]

By the way…

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Have I mentioned?

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Just a Reminder

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