Have I mentioned?

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Just a Reminder

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Today Beginneth…

the Fortnight for Freedom. Just say no to State Tyranny and our God King. May the HHS Mandate go to hell. We cannot and will not comply. Plus, “fortnight” is a cool word! [Read more…]


…they came for the Catholics. It’s a new film from a new production company called Promise Productions. [Read more…]

Today. Noon.

Stand up for Religious Freedom. Be there. Aloha! [Read more…]

Maybe Worth Getting Upset about, Maybe Not

The NY Times has a story about Cdl. Dolan providing what some call “financial incentives” and others call “payoffs” to pervy priests in order to get them to agree to leave the priesthood immediately rather than fight out a long drawn out process. There is much dudgeon in the article. There is no dudgeon–none whatsoever–about [Read More…]

Obama belatedly learning…

…that sin makes you really, really stupid. Here’s a suggestion for you, Mr. President: forget the BS charm offensive and RESCIND THE FREAKING HHS MANDATE WITH AN APOLOGY AND A PLEDGE NEVER TO MAKE WAR ON THE CHURCH AGAIN. On second thought, don’t. Continue with this aggressive kulturkampf and so gratuitously alienate this demographic (for [Read More…]

God Bless the Evangelicals!

“We are all Catholics now.” The ecumenism of the trenches recognizes the grave threat this tyrannical Administration poses to religious liberty (and may I add, all liberties) in this country. God bless our Evangelical brethren. [Read more…]

Dolan: Obama is Strangling the Church

Yep.  Exactly right.  That’s what this is about.  Making war on the Church.  The good thing is that the bishops have found their voices here, along with a whole bunch of other Catholics, even in places where you would hardly have expected it, such as Michael Sean Winters over the Reporter.  Even more amazing is [Read More…]

Cdl. Dolan, OSV, Notre Dame, FUS, various other organizations and 40 dioceses to Obama: