Coptic Orthodox Bishop Has a Message for Terrorists

“You are loved.” The loving witness of the suffering Copts to the true gospel is such a beautiful and heartbreaking contrast to the violent, vengeful, paranoid, greedy, and ugly thing that has seduced “Bomb the Shit Out of Them” Americhristianity.  It breaks my heart with sadness for my country and the spectacle of Trumpian Christianity [Read More…]

The Copts of Egypt Astound and Move…

…the Muslims of Egypt with the power of forgiveness and their Christ-empowered will to mercy. Had dinner last week with an Egyptian family across the street.  Lovely, sweet folk.  They are Muslim and the husband’s best buddy growing up was Christian.  Just the nicest people.  The bulk of Egyptian Muslims are in their boat, watching [Read More…]

How the Church Speaks Symbolically

Subtle, but clear.  The Greeks figured out that the love of wisdom is the practice of death.  It’s what we disciples are to be studying too. [Read more…]

A Note from a Holy Woman

She writes: I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your recent article on suffering. I have been in chronic pain since I was in my 20s, and am nearly incapacitated now (I am 62) because of rheumatoid arthritis.  The pain I experience on a daily basis is nearly indescribable. I have [Read More…]

Pray for the Christians of Congo…

We live in an age of martyrs. [Read more…]

Fascinating glimpse of life in Elizabeth’s Protestant Police State

[Read more…]

Eternal Memory

Holy Martyrs, pray for us! [Read more…]

The Knights of Columbus continue to speak out…

…on behalf of persecuted Christians in the Middle East: The plight of Christians in the Middle East continues to be dire. The Christian populations in both Iraq and Syria have fallen to a fraction of their previous numbers. Many have been martyred, others have been displaced or had to flee for their lives. The Knights [Read More…]

Demand Obama Recognize Christian Genocide

It’s about damn time. [Read more…]

One Christian is Slaughtered Every Five Minutes

… for his or her faith. This is the great age of martyrs.  Right now.  And the one consistent fruit of our foreign policy over multiple Administrations has been to assist in the destruction of the Church. [Read more…]