No more silence about the extermination of Christians

Fr. Martin Fox on the slaughter and persecution the Church is facing in the Mideast. [Read more...]

It Stands for “Nazarene”

It’s used to mark the homes of Christians marked for robbery and death by ISIS.  We are all Chaldeans now. Pray for the Christians of Iraq. We owe every last one of them safe harbor in the United States.  Every last one. Especially we Catholics who supported the war that has resulted in this catastrophe. [Read More...]

Meriam Ibrahim Freed–And Re-Arrested–and Freed Again

Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ for allegedly futile and narcissistic hashtag activism. And above all for the courageous witness of this great woman and daughter of God. The world of full of quiet heroes like her. Let her name be praised in the city gates. UPDATE: And now she’s been re-arrested. [Read More...]

It May be Possible to Save the Woman Sentenced to Hang…

…for being a Christian. Here’s the story. Pray for her and for all Christians persecuted by Bronze Age savages. [Read more...]

My Heart Goes out to the People of Spokane

John Weingarten of 40 Days for Life Spokane writes the following letter to Bishop Blaise Cupich regarding his Annual Catholic Appeal: Dear Bishop Cupich, February 4 was the  birthday of Christian pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who much like Saint Maximillian Kolbe, stood up to the evil of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Where they saw inhumanity [Read More...]

Syrian rebels release nuns

For those keeping score, that would be the Good Guys[TM] (aka Al Quaida and co) whom the Administration says we are supposed to cheer as freedom fighters who took the nuns hostage and held them for months. Remember: the *one* constant of our foreign policy in the Mideast has been the destruction of the Church. [Read more...]

John McCain Does his Level Best…

…to make me grateful Obama won. Pitches hissy fit at Syrian Christians for the crime of pointing out that the butchers he wants to arm are slaughtering them. [Read more...]

Right Now is the Great Age of Persecution of Christians

The Church in the Islamic world is being systematically exterminated and driven out. But you can help. [Read more...]

Prayers for our Syriac Orthodox Brothers and Sisters

The jihadi butchers the Obama Administration inexplicably supports as our allies, with the help of our dear good friends the Saudis, have perpetrated the largest massacre of innocent men, women and children Christians in Syria.  Nobody in the US noticed, of course, since it was our Partners is Liberty who did it and we were all [Read More...]

The War on Christmas doesn’t matter

The global war on Christians does. [Read more...]