The One Constant of our Foreign Policy in the Mideast

…is the destruction of the Church. [Read more...]

Speaking of Obama as Bush 44

One point of continuity between Bush and Obama is the habit of backing regimes that slaughter Christians. .Christopher Hitchens, the Purest Neocon, once praised Bush with these words: “George Bush may subjectively be a Christian, but he—and the U.S. armed forces—have objectively done more for secularism than the whole of the American agnostic community combined [Read More...]

Palestinian Christians…

…live between the hammer and the anvil. [Read more...]

Ten Years Later…

…one of the principal fruits of American policy abroad is the rapidly approaching extermination of churches as old as Christianity in the lands to which we have labored to export DemocracyWhiskeySexy. Turns out that when you get rid of secularized tyrants in the Islamosphere you don’t get the Americanized paradise fools like William “Absolutely Wrong [Read More...]

Egyptian Followers of Religion of Peace

…busy turning Christians into sainted martyrs.  Fortunately, it’s just Christians getting it in the neck, so no big deal.  And let’s not forget that pastor Terry Jones is mean and nuns rapped somebody’s knuckles once in third grade and  some Fundy said a harsh word to a gay guy in combox somewhere.  So basically, Christians [Read More...]

Another day, another brutal persecution of Christians by Muslims

I was hoping to hear your thoughts about Saeed Abedini who is on trial in Iran for being Christian, a story that ran on Air 1 recently. Here is a link in case you missed it Well, of course, fortunately it’s just a Christian, so no harm done. That’s why such stories don’t get heard [Read More...]

Egypt Continues the Islamic Struggle…

…to return to an age more barbaric than the previous regime allowed.  With its newfound glorious freedom, it sentences a a woman and her seven children to 15 years in an Egyptian hellhole for the crime of becoming Christian. In other words, no big deal for Western media. These are our “allies”.  You know. like [Read More...]

May God Grant Eternal Light to This Holy Martyr

11 year old boy tortured to death for being a Christian: Human rights campaigners condemned the killing of Samuel Yaqoob whose burned and tortured body body was discovered on Eid, the celebration which marks the end of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan. His lips and nose had been sliced off, his stomach removed and [Read More...]

Nice to see some British Pop with real courage

  OOBERFUSE SING OUT FOR LATEST VICTIM OF PAKISTAN’S BLACK BLASPEMY LAW  A Pakistani 11-year-old with Down’s syndrome may face the death penalty for blasphemy over her alleged burning of pages from the Quran. Ooberfuse, a London-based electro-pop band, featuring Wizard MC from the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), have today released a song, Turn [Read More...]

Manning’s Corollary Opportunity

Raymond Ibrahim writes: Hours after leaflets from Egypt’s jihadi organizations were distributed promising to “reward” any Muslim who kills any Christian Copt in Egypt, specifically naming several regions including Asyut, a report recently appeared concerning the random killing of a Christian store-owner. According to reporter Menna Magdi, writing in a report published August 14 and [Read More...]

One More Catholic Having His Conscience Smashed by our God King

He writes: There is an aspect of the HHS Mandate that people are not realizing. I am a partner (one of 4) in a small, privately held, business that has 10 employees. We provide high deductible health insurance for all of our employees and their families. We also fund a health savings account for them [Read More...]

It turns out there are Christians in the Holy Land

Tomorrow night, 60 Minutes will be doing a story on some of these strange, exotic creatures nobody knows anything about. We can only hope and pray that they do not blaspheme the sacred state of Israel, immaculately conceived and preserved from all sin original and actual, which is the only thing that really matters there. [Read More...]