Iraqi Christian to ISIS

“I am ready to die here and now.” God bless him! The blood of the martyrs is the seed of Christians. [Read more…]

Christianity in Iraq is Finished

Thanks to us. We absolutely owe it to these people to take them in as refugees. [Read more…]

More From IDC on Ted Cruz’ Despicable Behavior

Washington, D.C. – “In 1915, a German army officer named Armin Wegner… began to document a genocide that was taking place against Armenians. Over one million people, eradicated, marched into the desert, and murdered. Armen Wegner smuggled photos out at great risk to himself, to show the documented genocide that was taking place. In 1933 [Read More…]

Ted Cruz takes the prize for most vile use of Christian Suffering

…by an American politician. Takes a conference intended to help the suffering Christians of the Mideast, climbs atop a giant mound of dead Christians, and hijacks the conference in order preach about the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of the State of Israel. When the crowd demands he stick to the purpose of the conference [Read More…]

Make Some Noise About Iraqi Christians

A reader writes: Hi!  I hope that you are well and that you had a very nice birthday.  As you have been consistently covering on your blog, the situation for Iraqi’s religious minorities and refugees is getting worse, and it seems like nothing is being done about it There is a very good reason why [Read More…]

Iraqi TV Host Breaks Down Crying Over ISIS Persecution of Christians

Islam is not a monolith. People like this (and ISIS is creating more of them every day) are the best hope the Church in Iraq has. [Read more…]

More Muslims Like This Please

Top Muslim leaders condemn ISIS persecution of Iraqi Christians. Good to see. [Read more…]

No more silence about the extermination of Christians

Fr. Martin Fox on the slaughter and persecution the Church is facing in the Mideast. [Read more…]

It Stands for “Nazarene”

It’s used to mark the homes of Christians marked for robbery and death by ISIS.  We are all Chaldeans now. Pray for the Christians of Iraq. We owe every last one of them safe harbor in the United States.  Every last one. Especially we Catholics who supported the war that has resulted in this catastrophe. [Read More…]

Meriam Ibrahim Freed–And Re-Arrested–and Freed Again

Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ for allegedly futile and narcissistic hashtag activism. And above all for the courageous witness of this great woman and daughter of God. The world of full of quiet heroes like her. Let her name be praised in the city gates. UPDATE: And now she’s been re-arrested. [Read More…]