I’m not kidding…

…when I say that the destruction of the Church in the mideast has all the earmarks of a feature, not a bug, of our foreign policy there. [Read more...]

Pro-Abort Women Acting KKKlassy!

People saying the Rosary at the Cathedral in Buenos Aires are spray-painted with swastikas by topless pro-abort understudies for Ilse Koch, demonstrating the sort of grace and style that only the culture of death can really pull off. Congratulations, ladies. You are the Face of the Child Slaughter movement. God bless those people praying and [Read More...]

God Bless the Jewish Journal for Speaking Out

…on the silent persecution of Christians. Not sure why the guy thinks Pope Francis has been “silent”, but I’m glad he’s speaking up too. [Read more...]

Mark Movesian on the Persecution of Egypt’s Christians…

…by the Bronze Age savages of the Muslim Brotherhood. Pray for the Christians of Egypt.  Our government, with the infallible wrongness that has been the one consistent thread of our Middle East policy in Israel, Iraq, Syria, and Egypt, appears to be fixing to yet again pursue policies that make for the extermination of an [Read More...]

Just Another Reason to Love Benedict Cumberbatch

Right here: British actor Benedict Cumberbatch had a suggestion for the photographers camped outside the BBC Sherlock set Saturday in Cardiff, Wales. As he exited his trailer, Cumberbatch hid his face behind a hooded jacket and glasses and held up a sign reading, “Go photograph Egypt and show the world something important.” Pray for the [Read More...]

A Fine Piece on the Need for American Christians…

…to think about the fate of Mideast Christians and stop supporting policies that have consistently had one unanimous effect: the destruction of the Church. [Read more...]

The One Constant of our Foreign Policy in the Mideast

…is the destruction of the Church. [Read more...]

Speaking of Obama as Bush 44

One point of continuity between Bush and Obama is the habit of backing regimes that slaughter Christians. .Christopher Hitchens, the Purest Neocon, once praised Bush with these words: “George Bush may subjectively be a Christian, but he—and the U.S. armed forces—have objectively done more for secularism than the whole of the American agnostic community combined [Read More...]

Palestinian Christians…

…live between the hammer and the anvil. [Read more...]

Ten Years Later…

…one of the principal fruits of American policy abroad is the rapidly approaching extermination of churches as old as Christianity in the lands to which we have labored to export DemocracyWhiskeySexy. Turns out that when you get rid of secularized tyrants in the Islamosphere you don’t get the Americanized paradise fools like William “Absolutely Wrong [Read More...]