Salon’s Shattering Exposé on Suppressed Christian History

“Jesus went to hell: The Christian history churches would rather not acknowledge” reads the headline. Yes.  The shame.  That’s why Catholics hid this embarrassing proposition away by canonizing it as inspired Scripture: 18 For Christ also died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God, being put [Read More...]

Stephen Hawking and the Media Rolodex

Every few months, Stephen Hawking will emit some comment that, on the lips of any other person, would be dismissed as the sort of thing one of Art Bell’s daffier guests might say. Most recently, he has been talking about his fears that AI could end the human race. If I were to seriously start [Read More...]

Pope Discusses New Heaven and New Earth for Very First Time in Catholic History

I remember when Benedict gave a homily on our responsibility for creation a few years ago and the press reported that he wore special green vestments as a sign of his commitment to environmentalism. That’s the calibre of informed theological awareness we are nearly always dealing with when the press reports on the Church.  That, [Read More...]

The invaluable Amy Welborn…

…on, among other things, the daft Church/State financial arrangments in Germany and how that provides vital background to the stuff the German bishops are doing and saying. I also like this quintessentially Welbornian clarity of thought about the media’s hyperfocus on Cdl. Kasper: (Well, first you should be wondering why the head of a national church [Read More...]

NY Times writer indulges in some major projection

He is ever so worried about “the Church’s gay obsession”.  No. Really. Here’s a little excerpt from the introduction to Salt and Light: The Commandments, the Beatitudes, and a Joyful Life. There is a famous Far Side cartoon that describes what we say to our dogs (“Did you get into the trash, Ginger? You’ve been [Read More...]

Not-at-All-Cliched Reporting from TIME

…on the alleged Great Nunquisition, in which the Vatican is supposedly “cracking down” on the loopy nuns who are supposedly the future of FutureChurch. I wish I had a nickel for every time the MSM reported that the Vatican was Cracking Down on something or someone. I would love to see Get Religion do a symposium [Read More...]

Make Some Noise About Iraqi Christians

A reader writes: Hi!  I hope that you are well and that you had a very nice birthday.  As you have been consistently covering on your blog, the situation for Iraqi’s religious minorities and refugees is getting worse, and it seems like nothing is being done about it There is a very good reason why [Read More...]

Note to Self: Never Again Accept Uncritically News…

…about the preconciliar Irish Church. Atheist Brendan O’Neill on the Incredible Shrinking Moral Panic ginned up by the Anglosphere media over Tuam. I foolishly forgot my two cardinal rules: 1) the function of media is to sell beer and shampoo and 2) always take of 50 IQ points when the media covers the Church. Make [Read More...]

Terry Mattingly Neatly Exposes the Attempt…

by the MSM to blame Tuam on “Catholic teachings”. The bigger this story gets, the smaller it looks. [Read more...]

Devout Catholics[TM] in the News!

Get Religion has fun with the media meme of Devout Catholics[TM] like, you know, Nancy Pelosi and any other pol that sports ashes once a year. I had some fun with this a few years ago. [Read more...]