Note to Self: Never Again Accept Uncritically News…

…about the preconciliar Irish Church. Atheist Brendan O’Neill on the Incredible Shrinking Moral Panic ginned up by the Anglosphere media over Tuam. I foolishly forgot my two cardinal rules: 1) the function of media is to sell beer and shampoo and 2) always take of 50 IQ points when the media covers the Church. Make [Read More…]

Terry Mattingly Neatly Exposes the Attempt…

by the MSM to blame Tuam on “Catholic teachings”. The bigger this story gets, the smaller it looks. [Read more…]

Devout Catholics[TM] in the News!

Get Religion has fun with the media meme of Devout Catholics[TM] like, you know, Nancy Pelosi and any other pol that sports ashes once a year. I had some fun with this a few years ago. [Read more…]

Stupid Papal Headline Contender for 2014

Pope, in nod to conservatives, calls abortion ‘horrific’ I hear he affirmed the existence of God as a nod to theists and opposes oppression of the poor as a nod to Marxists. I look forward to his Marian devotion as a nod to women and his bold affirmation of gravity as a nod to scientists. [Read More…]

CNN Struggles to Figure out How the Pope…

…can still possibly be Catholic. Turns out he still teaches all that weird old stuff the Church has always taught. Who knew? There’s something childlike about the media’s complete innocence of any actual knowledge of the Faith. [Read more…]

Get Religion on the Use of the Word “Devout”

They, like me, thinks it’s a word the press beats to death on the flimsiest provocation. Which gives me a chance to run a little piece I wrote some time ago called “Vatican Cracks Down on Devout Catholic Bus Plunges“–a title I am far too smugly pleased about. [Read more…]

Absolutely Clueless Media…

My two fave moments so far.  An AP headline that reads “Pope Comes Out Against Abortion” (duh) and this piece of complete bafflement from the Country that Used to be England: Pope Francis encouraged Catholic doctors to refuse to perform abortions today in a bizarre U-turn … Seriously.  A college-educated person spoke of the Pope [Read More…]

Just Did an Interview with NBC

…over the phone. We’ll see how it comes out. Tracy Connor from NBC wanted to know what I thought about the practical impact of allowing priests in the Latin Rite to marry. Basically, I said I’m fine if the Church decides to change the discipline, however the logistical impact should be considered, particularly by lay [Read More…]

Zombie Boswell Stalks the Earth Once More

Old lies tend to recycle. Whether it’s The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, or Mein Kampf, or Worlds in Collision or The Awful Revelations of Maria Monk or Holocaust Denial or Moon Landing Hoax junk or 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, what tends to happen is that somebody makes a huge and outrageous claim. People [Read More…]

Pope Francis Makes Homosexuality Obligatory for All Catholics, NY Times Reports

Eye of the Tiber kills me. [Read more…]