CNN Struggles to Figure out How the Pope…

…can still possibly be Catholic. Turns out he still teaches all that weird old stuff the Church has always taught. Who knew? There’s something childlike about the media’s complete innocence of any actual knowledge of the Faith. [Read more...]

Get Religion on the Use of the Word “Devout”

They, like me, thinks it’s a word the press beats to death on the flimsiest provocation. Which gives me a chance to run a little piece I wrote some time ago called “Vatican Cracks Down on Devout Catholic Bus Plunges“–a title I am far too smugly pleased about. [Read more...]

What to Do About Empty Speculation in the Media Concerning Francis Appointing Women Cardinals

Some time ago, I pointed out that there is basically nothing to stop the Church from appointing lay women cardinals if She decided to do so. Cardinals are essentially administrative fixes, different in degree, but not in kind, from a parish administrative or finance council. They were cooked up by the Church to deal with [Read More...]

Absolutely Clueless Media…

My two fave moments so far.  An AP headline that reads “Pope Comes Out Against Abortion” (duh) and this piece of complete bafflement from the Country that Used to be England: Pope Francis encouraged Catholic doctors to refuse to perform abortions today in a bizarre U-turn … Seriously.  A college-educated person spoke of the Pope [Read More...]

Just Did an Interview with NBC

…over the phone. We’ll see how it comes out. Tracy Connor from NBC wanted to know what I thought about the practical impact of allowing priests in the Latin Rite to marry. Basically, I said I’m fine if the Church decides to change the discipline, however the logistical impact should be considered, particularly by lay [Read More...]

Zombie Boswell Stalks the Earth Once More

Old lies tend to recycle. Whether it’s The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, or Mein Kampf, or Worlds in Collision or The Awful Revelations of Maria Monk or Holocaust Denial or Moon Landing Hoax junk or 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, what tends to happen is that somebody makes a huge and outrageous claim. People [Read More...]

Pope Francis Makes Homosexuality Obligatory for All Catholics, NY Times Reports

Eye of the Tiber kills me. [Read more...]

Ah, Drudge! Journalistic Creativity at its Finest!

The Vatican:  does it ever do anything *besides* “crack down” in the mind of the American media? Seriously, I’m happy to see the guy clean house.  But really, can the press think of no other term than “crackdown” every time Rome clears its throat? [Read more...]

Some guy with a vendetta says there’s a gay pedophile ring of Satanists in the Vatican

…so, of course, the more tabloidesque press runs with it and a number of Catholics write me in panic about it this weekend, particularly since one of those tabloids was a Conservative Catholic Folk Hero. I was, however, off swimming with my adorable grandddaughter Lucy the Cuteness, who astonished us all by donning an approved [Read More...]

Always Take Off 50 IQ Points When the MSM Reports on the Church

CBS tries to divine the sinister curtain-gliding nefarious purposes as Benedict moves back to the Vatican.  What Svengali-like control is trying to exert over Francis?  What is his true (and, it goes without saying, sinister) purpose? Of course, it could just be that he’s old and sick and wants to be closer to people he [Read More...]