Hans Kung Seems to Be Under the Impression That Jesus, Not Benedict, Resigned

Here’s the thing: it is Jesus, not Benedict, and not even the toweringly humble Hans Kung (author of the upcoming book “Can the Church Still Be Saved?”) who is the savior of the Church. So much as I am sure God appreciates old Hans’ suggestions on how to save the Church, it turns out the [Read More...]

It Turns Out Andrew Sullivan is a “leading Catholic blogger”

…and it turns out this Leading Catholic Blogger thinks, on the basis of his own obsessions, that Benedict is gay.  And it turns out the MSM thinks this speculation is newsworthy and not ridiculous. Calling Sullivan a “Catholic blogger” is about as sensible as calling a celibate man “gay”.  Sullivan is “Catholic” in the sense that [Read More...]

Next Time You Go to Confession…

…just explain that you aren’t a sinner, you’re just “vernacular“. Then explain that the next Pope needs to be faithful to the Third Vatican Council which will, we are assured, remake the Church in the image and likeness of CNN and the faculty lounge at Hofstra. [Read more...]

Oh dear. Please. Just. Don’t.

Bill O’Reilly threatens to write Killing Jesus as follow up to Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy. My head hurts. [Read more...]

Always Take Off 50 IQ Points When the Media Covers the Church

This is true whether the organ is the NY Times featuring Garry Wills complaining that the Pope is Catholic or some brain dead Tea Party rag hyperventilating that some papabile “Promotes Marxist For Sainthood“. The “Marxist” they mean is Servant of God Dorothy Day who, you know, stopped being a Marxist and became a Catholic.  [Read More...]

Attention World Media and All Catholics Loyal to the Third Vatican Council

The Catholic Faith is not the personal property of the Pope nor his plaything.  Therefore, there is precious little the new pope can change about it.  He cannot, for instance, alter the matter of the sacraments (that is, the stuff the used to celebrate sacraments) in order to make the sacraments more “relevant”.  The Church’s [Read More...]

“Admitted” Hah! Good one!

Whenever the Church restates something every educated Catholic–but no ignorant reporter–knows, the news is always treated as though the Church is finally capitulating to the beseiging hordes of modernity. So a week or so ago, the Pope pointed out the perfectly obvious fact that Jesus was born a couple of years before 1 AD. The [Read More...]

I love that this is news

Telegraph stunned to hear Pope aware that Jesus was not born in 1 AD. What’s even funnier is that even the author of the story admits that this is not news, but still tries to pretend it’s news anyway: The assertion that the Christian calendar is based on a false premise is not new – [Read More...]

Memo to the “Church Hates Nuns…

…Who Serve the Poor” Crowd Um, no: What the Church is doing is not hating on nuns who serve the poor. The Church is reining in nuns who are no longer Catholic from oppressing nuns who are and from poisoning the faith of people subjected to their loony quackery, goddess worship, Marxist theory masquerading as [Read More...]

Christianity is CATHOLIC!

That’s not triumphalism. That’s simply a fact about how TV shows typically portray Christianity. Now and then, Evangelicals and Fundamentalists get a nod (even though the country is overwhelmingly Protestant). But Catholics have all the cool visuals and tchotchkes, so it’s always a priest you call for an exorcism. Also, by the way, all priests [Read More...]

Fr. Gabriele Amorth makes a sensational claim

A teenage girl whose disappearance in Rome has remained a mystery for 30 years was kidnapped for sex parties by a gang involving Vatican police and foreign diplomats, the Roman Catholic Church’s leading exorcist has claimed. This is red meat for the media, of course. And given what has come out over the past ten [Read More...]

“All the bishops care about is sex”

A reader rolls his eyes at the current meme from the MSM Ministry of Truth as it goes to bat on behalf of their beloved “Vatican Disciplines Nuns and Bans Contraception Because the Church Hates Women and Sex” meme: Meanwhile, the U.S. Bishops urge federal immigration reform, an end to the embargo in Cuba, applaud [Read More...]